10 People who fell in Love with Inanimate Objects


Variously known as objectum sexuals, object sexual or objectophiles, these people are marked by rather different choices in partners – inanimate objects. OS individuals not only experience sexual gratification in their attachment to a particular object – as in fetishism – but exhibit the emotional bonding and even the commitment of a relationship. Unbelievable as it sounds, here are five people known to the world as objectophiles whose love for objects have been reported in the media.

  1. Eija-Riitta Eklöf

    One of the first cases of object sexuality to be known to the world is that of Eija-Riitta Eklöf from Sweden who in fact coined the term Objectum Sexual (OS) for her unconventional orientation. In 1979, she “married” the Berlin Wall. It wasn’t a legal marriage, but she still changed her last name to “Berliner-Mauer,” which means Berlin Wall in German. When the wall was torn down in 1989, Berliner-Mauer was horrified, saying, “They mutilated my husband.”  However since then, she has fallen for a red fence.
  2. Erika Eiffel

    To a great extent media awareness of object sexuality has been due to the efforts of Erika Eiffel who famously married the Eiffel Tower in an intimate ceremony in Paris in 2007. Erika has founded the Objectum Sexuality Internationale group which has more than 40 members and a website. She is a former US military member and archery world champion. Her stint in the forces was far from happy. After serving enlisted in the US Air Force, Erika earned a congressional nomination to the US Air Force Academy in 1993 where her training to become an officer was interrupted by a sexual assault in which she defended herself with a Japanese training sword. Eventually Erika was given a medical discharge for PTSD due to her unwillingness to give up sleeping with the sword that had protected her – probably one of the earliest indications of her attachment to objects. Erika continues to compete at an international level as an archer. She claims that her object relationship with Lance, her competition bow, helped her to become a world-class archer. About her world-famous spouse, she says she first encountered the Eiffel Tower in 2004, and felt an immediate attraction. Her love for the Eiffel Tower and long standing relationship with the Berlin Wall are the subjects of numerous newspaper articles and television documentaries, most famously Married to the Eiffel Tower.
  3. Amy Wolfe

    Yet another object sexual to be featured in the Married to the Eiffel Tower documentary is Church organist, Amy Wolfe who is passionately in love with the amusement park ride 1001 Nacht. The ride is located at Knoebels amusement park in Elysburg, Pennsylvania, and apparently Amy wants to change her last name to Weber after the ride’s manufacturer. Also like Erika, Amy has been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome which according to a researcher on Object Sexuality Dr. Amy Marsh is common among OS people. This is because people with Asperger’s find it easier to have a relationship with objects than with people.
  4. Reighner Deleighnie

    40-year-old carer Reighner Deleighnie is in a relationship with a 3ft statue of the Greek god of desire Adonis, who she calls Hans. Reighner, who comes from south London though isn’t entirely faithful to her Hans and has hinted that that she'd leave her marble mate in a split-second for a shot at her dream man - the statue of David.
  5. Edward Smith

    American Edward Smith has expressed his love for his VW Beetle, Vanilla, though he admits having “relationships” with many vehicles. The Washington resident has admitted that though his most intense sexual experience was “making love” to a helicopter from the Eighties TV series Airwolf, his major love is and always will be cars.

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  6. Amanda Whittaker

    Leeds shop assistant Amanda Whittaker, 27, has fallen for the Statue of Liberty, or “Libby” as she knows her. Apparently so great is her fascination that she even dumped the drum set she was dating to devote the entirety of her affections to the iconic statue.
  7. Lee Jin-gyu

    Korean anime fan, Lee Jin-gyu, found himself head over heels in love on trip to Bed, Bath, & Beyond. at the store Lin-gyu chanced upon a dakimakura — a Japanese body pillow with his favorite animated heroine Fate Testarossa printed on it.  and such was his attraction that he married his cushiony companion in a special ceremony. Apparently Lee is not alone in his obsession with anime characters though he certainly seems to have taken his passion further than most by ‘marrying’ an object. in fact Relationships with anime-inspired objects have become an underground trend throughout Asia—there’s even an online petition requesting the Japanese government officially recognize people's right to marry two-dimensional characters.
  8. Sal 9000

    Yet another proof of the trend of romantic attachments to virtual characters in Japan comes from a 27-year-old “otaku” - a term that roughly translates as “obsessive” or “nerd” - who goes by the username “Sal 9000”. He married character Nene Anegasaki from the Nintendo DS virtual dating video game Love Plus. At his wedding, which he streamed live on the Internet, Sal 9000 wore a white tux and brought his portable video game console featuring Nene. After saying his vows, Sal even kissed the ‘bride’ in front of an online audience of thousands.
  9. Joachim A

    Joachim A has been in a relationship with a steam locomotive for a few years. Before that, a Hammond organ was the object of his affection. Because the 41-year-old is particularly obsessed with the inner workings of machines and technical objects, he has admitted that doing repair work has tempted him to cheat on his partners in the past.
  10. Doro B

    Yet another objectum sexual who is in a relationship with a machine is Doro B. who got attracted to a “female” metal processing system at work. She has said the machine entices her with its "sweet hum." While she has to keep her affection to a minimum during the day, she takes out a model of her lover at night, saying, "that's not a substitute; it's more like a supplement. That's why it doesn't count as cheating” apparently, the model serves as a ‘kind of fax machine’ that conveys her feelings to her beloved.