Affairs and infidelity

To err is human…as the saying goes. But that doesn’t stop you from feeling terrible about making a mistake, especially if it is as serious as cheating on your partner. however sometimes feeling guilty can drain you of all the energy and focus which would be far better spent on reforming the situation and in this case, saving your marriage. So here are a few things you can doif you have cheated on your partner and are feeling guilty.

Dating at the best of times is a complicated affair. But if it is a married woman you are dating, you probably feel like walking on eggshells most of the time. Even apart from moral issues, dating a married partner is filled with pitfalls. You have to take recourse to subterfuge, there could be kids involved and if there is a very angry husband on the scene, you could even come to bodily harm. And yet sometimes you end up having an irresistible connection with a person and it seems the only thing left to do.

Occasional flirting is fun and may be seen as simply a kind of social behavior. But when it becomes compulsive, it has the potential to wreck a relationship. So if you find yourself getting distressed by your partner’s flirtatious nature and yet are reluctant to break up, here is what to keep in mind and what to do about it.

The plethora of websites claiming to hitch you with a married woman is testimony to the fact that married dating is an inescapable fact in contemporary culture. While extramarital affairs have always existed alongside the institution of marriage, today the phenomenon appears to be far more open and accessible than before because of increasing anonymity in the social landscape as well as more choices in modes of communication.

One of the biggest worries facing women who date married men is not knowing what to believe. While their hearts might tell them to take delight in the affair, their heads might send warning signals on the emotional and practical viability of such a relationship. If you too are confused whether your boyfriend is ever going to leave his wife or if you should cut your losses, here are a few questions worth asking yourself.

Admitting to a spouse that you have been cheating on him or her, is one of the most difficult things to do in a marriage. This is because you are admitting to have broken the bond of trust which forms the basic building block of a marriage or any committed relationship for that matter.

One of the hardest obstacles in a relationship, is rebuilding trust that has broken. Whatever may have been the reason why you strayed, if you feel that you don’t want to give up on your partner after all, you need to be the one to take the initiative of saving the relationship. And the first step towards this, would be to regain your partner’s trust. Here are a few ways which will help you to convince your partner of your long-term commitment and your desire to mend what has broken.

Today infidelity is the leading cause of divorce in most advanced societies. Some people may argue that infidelity is just a symptom of deeper problems which are actually responsible for unraveling a marriage. But whether couples separate or not, few dispute that infidelity is a rising and destabilizing trend in contemporary society.

In a society and age where monogamy is still considered the norm, it is remarkable how many single women enjoy and seek out the company of married men. What makes such women like a man when she knows that he is already married or at least attached? Perhaps it has to do with a simple fact of human nature that makes the grass on the other side of the fence always appear greener. Here are a few other insights on what makes married men appealing to young and single women.

Affairs and situations involving alleged infidelity usually have allegations and defences and counter-allegations. The victimized partner often wishes there was a way to get iron-clad evidence to establish the infidelity of a partner. With DNA testing technology, getting such an evidence is simpler and easier than ever. If you want to check if your spouse has been cheating on you, it may be as simple as sending their soiled underwear to a DNA testing company. A professional DNA testing company can check the underwear for the presence of another person's genetic material.


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