Affairs and infidelity

Reasons for an extra marital affair may be as varied as the kind of partners indulging in it. While a sexual and emotional disconnect are the most common reasons for straying in a marriage, an equally valid reason could be lack of intellectual compatibility between the spouses.

In times when infidelity ranks as one of foremost reasons for divorces, every marriage carries the risk of succumbing to an affair. In fact author Peggy Vaughan says in her book, The Monogamy Myth that as high as 60 percent of men and 40 percent of women will have an affair at some point in their marriages. If you are worried about you or your partner straying away, here are a few tips on how to affair-proof your marriage.

Infidelity in marriage is one of the most devastating experiences a person can go through. The whole thing becomes even more unbearable when you are practically certain that your husband is cheating but find that he is continues to lie to you without a touch of remorse. The least your partner owes you in a committed relationship like marriage is the truth. So here are a few suggestions on how to get your husband to admit and end an affair.

One of the biggest crises faced by a marriage is infidelity. Mutual trust is the foundation of a marriage and when this breaks, the relationship is in danger of collapsing. If you have just discovered that your wife has been having an affair, take heart. Granted that the news has hit you like a ton of bricks, but it need not mean the end of your marriage or even an excuse to wallow in self-pity. Go through the following points and you will surely find a way to cope with a cheating spouse.

Infidelity occurs in an alarmingly high number of marriages. There's no need to stalk your wife from the moment you're married and spend your every waking moment trying to make sure that she's not cheating on you, but you also shouldn't blindfold yourself to the possibility that she may be one of the many unfaithful spouses out there. Don't hijack your wife's privacy with hidden cameras or tape recorders and don't harass her about every piece of her life spent away from you, but do watch out for certain signs.

We've often heard of relationships ending or marriages breaking up over infidelity. There are many mistakes that can be, and are, forgiven in a relationship, but cheating is one of those almost unforgivable ones.

When infidelity occurs, it is one of the most painful experiences a relationship will probably ever experience. When one partner is unfaithful, it can shatter a relationship and leave the other person wondering whether it is worth salvaging. Dealing with infidelity in a relationship requires tremendous resolve on the part of the betrayed party. How do you let go of the past? How do you justify or understand why your spouse felt the need to cheat on you? Knowing where to start is often the most difficult thing.

You’ve been at it for weeks…snooping around and looking for dope on your partner. You’ve found evidence and your worst fears are going to be true. Maybe you didn’t suspect your partner of anything and you’ve stumbled upon an e-mail, bills, bank statements or the proverbial lipstick on the collar.

You probably are in your worst emotional state. The person that you love and trust the most has betrayed you. You are likely to feel a rush of emotions. You want to rush into the room, yell, scream and throw sharp pointed objects at your partner.

You can spy on a cheating spouse and read the text messages on their mobile phone. You can also get information about the calls made by and received by your spouse if you don't trust him or her. Trust is the foundation of a relationship but sometimes it becomes necessary to get hard evidence of disloyalty. It may be that a divorce is imminent and you want to get evidence which can then be used to get you a fair deal. You may have very strong reasons to believe that your husband or wife is disloyal to you.

Most couples believe that a spouse isn’t really having an affair until there is a physical involvement. But an intense emotional bond between a husband and another woman can greatly alter the state of a marriage and leave the wife feeling like an outsider.


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