Women who want to be the center of attention


You take a woman out with all good intentions of treating her like a queen. You vow to yourself that you will see to it she has a good time. And that she will come away from the date feeling great. But what if you and the attention you shower on her is not enough? What if she needs more? Who is this woman?

There are women who need more than just what one man or one person can give. How can you tell whether your date is one of those kinds? What are some of the warning signs that can tell you that this is a woman who craves attention and wants to be the focal point of everyone’s gaze?

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1. She likes public places

You think you’ll have a nice, quiet date and take her out somewhere private, where the two of you can get to know each other. But she has other ideas. She prefers going to the hottest nightspot or a crowded pub where she can see and be seen. This should be your first indication that she’s not really into you and getting to know you better. You are just one more in the male coterie of admirers she’s trying to amass.

2. The focus is always on her

You’ve always heard about keeping the focus on your date and getting her to talk about herself. But with this woman, you don’t have to really try all that hard. In fact if you try and get a word in edgewise, you discover she’s either turned her gaze elsewhere or is wearing a rather fixed expression that indicates she isn’t really listening to what you’re saying.

Try making a comment that begs for an appropriate answer and you’ll often find her going, "Uh, what was that?" or saying something totally unrelated and out of context. The thing is, her mind is not on you. She is already thinking of her next topic of conversation or preoccupied with her own self-centered thoughts.

3. Her manner is attention-seeking

You find your jaw drops at her attire. She’s either openly flaunting her sexuality, or is wearing something outlandish, or has a tattoo that is begging for attention. Or she says something in public that is outrageous and has thus managed to secure the undivided attention of all and sundry. She could even have a vocabulary of choice words that could make a sailor blush. She sashays around provocatively and is only content when she has all male eyes (and a few female as well) fixed squarely upon her. And just when you think that she’s had enough to drink and you should both make a quiet exit, she gets on to the table or bar and starts gyrating. If only the floor could open up and swallow you!

4. She wants to be pandered to

She has a huge ego and it has to be fed at regular intervals. You have to keep her happy with your adoring gaze and the appropriate amount of adoration. Don’t ever make the mistake of bringing up another woman’s beauty or brains. You’ll have to face the consequences.

5. She has extreme reactions

You’ve cracked a joke and then you wonder why you did. While most women would enjoy it with a tinkling little laugh or a happy expression, she guffaws and laughs uproariously. And if she loses her cool, nobody is left in any doubt about it. She has every other diner looking your way, but at least one of you is happy - because she’s got their attention. And if something you have said upsets her, the waterworks are enough to keep the Niagara Falls in business. And you have to suffer the embarrassment of everyone giving you disgusted looks, because she’s perfected the art of looking like a victim, with you playing the villain.

6. Beautiful and self-centered

While it wouldn’t be fair to generalize and say that all beautiful women are self-centered, those that are won’t be worth any more than arm candy. If you’re only with her to be the envy of every other male eye in the room, then you’re in it for the right reasons. But if you think this spoilt ice princess is going to melt enough to give you a chance at a real relationship, think again. She loves being in the spotlight, and that is that.

What can you do?

If you can spot these signs in a woman before you’re too deep into the relationship, think hard and fast if you’re going to be able to live with it. Apart from her attention-seeking ways and rather loud mannerisms, she might be a genuine person. Or if you’ve had the patience and forbearance to deal with it, you might find a rather confused and insecure woman, beneath the surface brashness, who is longing for understanding and a little love. If you can get in touch with that woman, you may find a subtle transformation once she finds what she’s been looking for. If she finds something deeper and more profound in your attention and love, she may not crave being under the spotlight.

But if you can’t see your way to accepting her idiosyncrasies and tolerating her need to be the center of attention, bow out politely and acknowledge that the relationship has to end.