Tips on complimenting women


Complimenting women is a good way to initiate and maintain a romantic relationship with them. Sincere compliments can melt the heart of the most hardhearted woman. It is important to discover the areas which are close to her heart, and direct your compliments to these.

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Complimenting a woman you are interested in can be an easy and effective way to make her feel special. Unfortunately, many men do not know the right method of dishing out compliments. They will either state the most common and obvious things or overuse compliments so that they become empty and meaningless. It is worth learning the art of complimenting women if you want to win their attention. Here are some tips to make your compliments work.

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1) Don't compliment her too often on her looks

Beautiful women are used to men fawning over their looks, so they are bored with comments about their physical attributes. Besides no woman wants to feel that she is liked only for her body. Giving her compliments like 'You are so gorgeous' is like putting her on a pedestal as if she intimidates you and she will be doing you a favor by going out with you. Instead, compliment a woman on things that she can control and do, like how smart she is or how good she is with children, pets, etc. Better to tell her she is sweet rather than beautiful!

2) Use compliments optimally

If you are complimenting women too often the compliments lose value and meaning and you appear to them like a wimp always seeking their approval and approbation. Don't over-compliment, especially a person you don't know well. She might feel like she's being mauled. Discover what a woman really likes and compliment her on that. You could do well by dishing out like, one sincere compliment a day.

3) Improve your vocabulary

Use more meaningful words while complimenting a woman. Instead of saying "You are pretty", you could use words like lovely, stunning, elegant, radiant, dazzling, divine etc. 'You are pretty' sounds like a boy to his first crush.

4) Don't use generic compliments

Such as " You look beautiful tonight'. You may be perfectly sincere while using such compliments but they sound unoriginal and boring. Your date must have heard this several hundred times. A better way of complimenting a woman may be," Of all the girls out here, I think you are the prettiest." This sounds natural and makes a woman feel good in comparison with her competitors.

5) Don't lie

Phony compliments fall flat on the target. People can smell a lie from any distance. The result would be disastrous and you could never score with that woman again.

6) Be generous with compliments to your steady girlfriend/wife

Once you are hooked up with a woman for a long time, it is not good to be stingy with the compliments. In fact, be generous with compliments, like the clothes she wears, her shoes or how she looks. "You look wonderful tonight' is a great way to compliment a woman who has taken pains to look good as your mate for the night's outing.

7) Be unique

A woman was flattered when a man told her, " You have the most amazing eyes. They are all green but brown in the center." Not even her hubby of 10 years had noticed this. While complimenting women, a man must take care to observe everything about them carefully, and show his interest and involvement through his compliments.

8) Be careful

While complimenting a woman, one has to be very careful that it is not perceived the wrong way. Avoid references to her weight or emotionalism. A simple "You look nice today" may be interpreted as you look terrible every other day. But occasionally a well-timed compliment may be received favorably. If she replies with more than five
words, "That is kind of you", it may hint at her growing interest in you.

9) Balance compliments

With every one compliment you give her, jest or poke fun at her insecurities at least two times (but all in good taste and humor) That will make her appreciate your compliments better.

Men like compliments that appeal to their egos and women, to their vanity. It is important to remember that women love compliments that make them feel good about themselves and improve their self-esteem. With this important tip, you can become a professional at complimenting women.