If your girl says she finds you boring...here is how you can hold her interest!


Usually, the women you date may be hundred percent into you, but sometimes they may simply be bored. There are all kinds of women out there, but if you are dating a bored woman, your relationship is heading nowhere. The reason may be some quality of yours or something beyond your control. Whatever the reason, if the woman is worth the effort, you must do some damage control and revive interest in the relationship. There are some subjects that you can generally avoid in your conversation, depending on the girl you are dating.

Too many compliments on her looks

Many beautiful women are tired of compliments about their looks. They are already aware of their good looks and do not appreciate such compliments, as they would much rather be valued for other qualities like intelligence or good nature. So if you think you are going to score with a beautiful woman, avoid flattery about her looks and look for other ways to compliment her, like even her cooking!

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Too much talk about your money

Bragging about your money may put off some women. They may be tired of hearing your money talk: how much you make, your perks, your bonus, your shares and stocks, where and how you invest, how you can buy them the Taj Mahal etc. etc. They’d much rather have you be sensitive and understanding, than rich and pompous.

Obsession with your vehicle
Some men love their machines and love to tinker with and talk about them all the while. Be careful that you are not boring your woman by giving her second place after your vehicle. You love to zip and zoom about with your bike, but maybe your lady doesn’t. You want to impress her with a borrowed car but if she finds out, you will certainly lose points with her.

Tech talk

The day happens to be special, perhaps the anniversary of your starting to date. You are sitting with your girlfriend in this fabulous Italian restaurant, beside a candle-lit, flower-laden table, with soft music playing. But all you are excited about and are talking animatedly about is how the latest portable music player is really hot and has superfast connectivity etc. This does not mean that women are averse to technology but that men are not sensitive to the time and place where such talk is appropriate and might tend to bore women.

Sports obsession

The Favourite occupation of most men is watching games on television. Are you a football/ baseball/ ice-hockey/ basketball/cricket addict? Is it really difficult to get your attention if these games are going on? Do you behave like a child or a wild monkey during these games? Chances are that your girl friend is going to be terribly bored of you.

So how do you hold the interest of your girl who is growing bored of you?

Find out her favourite activities

Rather than designing activities around your interests, try and sense what are her interests and likings. What are the activities she likes: cinema/ plays/ sporting events/ amusement parks/restaurants. What are her likes: which sport (cricket or tennis), which cuisines (Chinese or Mexican) which movies. If you organize your dates around activities that both of you enjoy, you will find that neither of you is bored with each other.

Find out her passions and interests

This means that you must explore your partner’s total personality. Find out what sort of books she enjoys, her favourite authors, music, singers, writers, poets, movies, actors and actresses. This will give you an idea about what kind of topics to discuss with her and what kind of gifts to give her.

Give compliments

It is important to give positive feedback to your partner in a relationship. Compliment her on her appearance if she has taken pains on it. But don’t bore her with too many comments only in this direction. Compliment her also on her talents and achievements, culinary, intellectual, academic, artistic or sporting. For example, if she has prepared a meal, don’t forget to compliment her on her culinary talent. If you wish to guide her positively, you can offer positive criticism that does not hurt.

Surprise each other

Before boredom sets into your relationship, you must find ways to surprise each other and energize your relationship. Get a new haircut, take a new hobby course like learning salsa dancing, go holidaying to an offbeat place, or snatch a weekend at a fun picnic spot.

There are numerous ways to hold the interest of the woman you love. Just keep your eyes and ears open and you will find the ideas yourself.