Women who scare men away


There are those women who men just love to love. They are feminine, humorous and delicate and know how to make a man feel like a man. And then there are those women who send out certain signals, loud and clear, which tell a man he’s better off staying away. He somehow knows that he’s going to be out of his depth trying to handle her. Or he’s going to burn his fingers trying. Do you see yourself in any of these women?

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1. The high-maintenance gal

Everything about her screams designer wear. From her Armani suit to her Gucci shoes. Her styled hair and French manicure speak about hours spent at the salon. While she’s gorgeous to look at, a lot of regular men prefer leaving it at just that. Unless a man is rolling in it, he kind of figures his entire paycheck will be going up in smoke just to keep her in the style she’s accustomed to.

2. The aggressive woman

While a lot of men concur that they like a woman to be aggressive and take the initiative in the bedroom, they somehow don’t feel the same when women take over in the boardroom. The high-flying career woman pretty often finds it really hard to get a decent date, either because she’s so busy with climbing the corporate ladder or because the men find her success too intimidating. Even some of the more successful men prefer a woman who can be there for them, not someone who has her own stress-filled career and can give them a run for their money in the brains department.

3. The bra-burning feminist

This kind of woman somehow shakes the male bastion to its foundation. Men like to be with a woman because of just that, her womanly virtues. Once women start talking about equal opportunities and spewing venom about men doubting their skills in various departments, it puts a man on the defensive. And that is not a place many people like to be, man or woman. It makes a man feel good to be able to take care of a woman, after all, that is what makes him feel like the strong one. To have that taken away and make him have to justify wanting to enjoy a woman’s femininity, gives him a feeling of being backed into a corner, and somehow he doesn’t quite feel like coming out of it!

4. The social climber

If there’s one thing a man hates, it is being dragged around by his woman at a social gathering and forced to hobnob with the who’s who and not being able to even enjoy his drink in peace. This kind of woman wants to meet everyone there is to meet and make just the right kind of impression. The superficial takes over from the reality, and in the process any chance of having a decent conversation, or a pleasant evening, is totally ruined.

5. The gold digger

If a man figures that you’re trying to find out about his net worth before getting to know him as a person, you’re out of the game before you’ve even begun. He would rather you admire him for his physical assets rather than his material ones. For a man, finding out that a woman is an opportunist, or has her eye on the main chance, is the surest way of ensuring she’ll never see him again, unless she's already done a number on him and he’s too far gone to realize.

6. The calculating shrew

With her, nothing is as casual as it seems. There is an underlying motive to almost everything, and suddenly a man gets the feeling that he’s being manipulated against his better judgment and he’s helpless to do anything about it. Her schemes are devious and he often finds himself caught in the middle of it. She manages to connive and talk her way out of situations while already plotting her next move. She can be formidable in her cunning and crafty ways.

7. She wants a commitment

And then there’s the woman who’s just waiting to sink her claws into Mr. Right. She doesn’t wait long before talking of weddings, bridal gowns and first dances. A man feels the noose tightening around his neck and can’t wait to make good his escape. After all she’s sounding the death-knell for his freedom!8. The insecure woman

Her clinginess drives him insane. Her possessiveness is guaranteed to drive anyone up the wall. And what about her jealousy and mistrust of anything he says or does? He feels she’ll only be happy if he’s around her all the time, maybe with blinkers on.

If one or several of these characterizations accurately describes you, it’s not too late to take a good, hard look at yourself and plan how you can make some subtle (or drastic as the case may be) improvements for the better!