Why do gay guys have so many girlfriends


From the time homosexuality came out into the open, it has become a topic of conversation with debates raging on all issues - some controversial and some straightforward - from sexually transmitted diseases to gay marriages.

But looking on the lighter side, have you ever given a thought to why gay men are so popular with the women? For, if you’ve noticed, gay guys seem to have lots of female friends, far more than many straight men do. In fact, a male friend remarked upon this recently.

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He talked about his cousin Ben, who went through a very difficult phase from being a closet gay to coming out in the open about his sexuality, and how he always felt a little sorry for him. That is until the day he came upon him in the local pub surrounded by no less than five women, all fawning over him and having the time of their lives. From that day on he decided he was going to stop feeling sorry for Ben and hang around him more, hoping he could benefit by association!

But it’s not just Ben, it is gay men quite often, or at least, more often than not, who seem to draw women to them. What is the reason for this? If you think about it…several!

1. Gay guys are safe

Women feel absolutely secure in the company of gay men. As the guys have no ulterior motives, they are non-threatening and comfortable to be with.

2. Gay guys are not predators

With gay men there’s nothing to fear sexually. Conversations are not laden with sexual innuendo (or at least nothing that should be taken seriously!), and there are no mind games at play. Women don’t have to fear fending off unwanted overtures and don’t have to worry about how to subtly make their escape. Gay guys do not hit on women or try to pick them up and that is great.

3. Gay guys aren’t trying too hardEither to create a good impression or to get a phone number! They also aren’t trying to be someone they’re not. What you see is what you get with them and that’s a refreshing change for a woman, especially when she’s often bombarded with guys who are as phony as the imitation Rolex they’re sporting!

4. Gay guys have some wonderful qualities

Not that all men don’t, but gay guys have a few unique qualities that are especially attractive to women. They are often creative and artistic. They can also be very well-read and intelligent, thus making interesting conversationalists. They can also be witty and quite entertaining. They are often into professions that appeal to women, like designing, hairstyling, etc. Women find that they have a lot to talk about with them. They are also good companions to gossip with and to discuss who’s making a fashion faux pas and who’s sleeping around. You often hear women say of gay guys that they are in touch with their feminine sides, so sometimes it's like having a male girlfriend!

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5. Gay guys can make women feel special

Since they can sometimes think like women do, they do things that make a woman feel special. They are also liberal with endearments and make a woman feel delighted to be in their company.

6. Gay guys are uncomplicated

Since there are no man-woman dynamics at play in the normal sense, women can be themselves and relax in the company of their gay pals. Tthey can sometimes think like women do and so they do things that make a woman feel special. They are also liberal with endearments and make a woman feel delighted to be in their company.

So if you ever wondered why gay guys are so popular with the girls, despite not holding the lure and chemistry that is possible with a straight man, wonder no longer!