One of the trickiest situations faced by a couple is when one of them is not accepted by the other’s best friend. If not resolved quickly, the issue can soon become messy with misunderstandings and heartache all around. So if you feel that your boyfriend’s best friend does not like you, here is how to break the ice and deal with the situation.

Be generous

As an ever growing individual, you will see people enter your life, affect your life, and leave your life countless times. Losing someone who's helped shape your inner self can sometimes be best for both you and for them. Everyone walks their own path, and those paths just don't always go in the same direction. Other times, the situation and the circumstances surrounding it force people to part ways when maybe they were meant to walk hand in hand through eternity. If you're looking to find someone from your past there are more than a few resources at your disposal.

Pam is not just an attractive girl, she has the brains to match her looks. A perfect combination of beauty and brains. This was just the kind of girl Jim was looking for. Pam seemed to be the answer to his dreams. Here she was, his dream girl, standing right in front of him. Disbelief and happiness written all over his face, he wondered if this was too good to be true.

There are scores of women out there – single, available and waiting for a guy just like you to walk into their lives. But they either escape your notice or you always find yourself being drawn to the wrong ones – the married kind. If you’re the kind who likes to live life a little dangerously, there’s probably an element of the furtive that adds excitement with a married woman. Meeting on the quiet, trying to escape being noticed, arranging clandestine meetings, lends a certain charm to the affair.

Jealousy is a perfectly normal human emotion. All of us have felt it at some point in our life and sometimes quite frequently. It's natural to be envious of another woman’s attractiveness or fit body or your neighbor’s state-of-the-art car or highflying career. Even in a relationship, mild jealousy is only natural when you find your spouse or partner paying attention to, or admiring, another man or woman. Or even slight possessiveness if you find you don’t get enough of your spouse's attention due to a newborn baby or other priorities.

Text messaging has been a very popular form of communication nowadays. Most teenagers and young adults had rather sent their friends a few words over their cellular phone then actually dial a number and speak to them. These messages tend to have a character limit, so usually the messages are short and to the point. They are made short by the use of text-ese, the new, popular messaging language where you = “U” and to= “2”. It makes things much easier, as long as you leave the word intact enough so the recipient can understand its meaning.

Women often love to talk about men and how they are ruled by their baser urges. But men like to turn around and say that at least they are blatantly honest about it. With women, on the other hand, they say, you are always floundering in the deep end. They are such mistresses of their true feelings and emotions that a man never knows where he stands with them.

Every relationship goes through its own cycle of intimacy and withdrawal. This is perhaps due to the very nature of the need that two people have for each other, which leads them into a relationship in the first place. Thus while the two halves seek each other out to be a whole, they are, at the same time, individuals in their own right, with individual interests and a need for personal space.

Going for a first date can be pretty intimidating for most people. Your mind may be overcome with fears and insecurities. You may be afraid of rejection, failure, saying the wrong things and coming across like a loser in front of your date. In this context you would really love to know what are some good questions to ask your partner on your first date.

TIP: If 20 questions are too few, try 2000 questions for couples. Recommended if you're considering someone for a long term relationship.

A friend of mine, Betty, an attractive brunette in her late twenties, was telling me of this incident. A week ago she happened to run into Jim, a cute guy she’d dated in college. They’d dated for a couple of years, but then things didn’t work out. They’d ended the relationship on a friendly note and were happy to run into each other now. They decided to catch up over a drink and talk about old times.


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