How to Tell If a Woman Will be a Good Mother


Time was when motherhood was assumed to be the main role of adult women, in both the family and larger society. Thanks to educational, professional opportunities as well as to greater emancipation enshrined in modern society, this is no longer the case. Women need no longer be chosen as partners solely on the basis of their reproductive potential. And yet the fact remains that raising a family is central to the happiness of many men. So if you are wondering whether your girlfriend or
wife will be a good mother, here are a few signs to watch out for.

Importance of physical attributes

In primitive times, when the procreation was the primary social responsibility of a couple, it was important that female partners be physically equipped to bear and nurture children. Thus women with full breasts and wide hips came to be preferred as partners as these physiological traits signaled better chances of raising healthy babies. The importance of these criteria can be gauged from the fact that due to centuries of such selection, the female hour-glass figure is now considered to be the most desirable.

However modern advances in nutrition and healthcare have ensured that physiological attributes are no longer crucial as to successful motherhood. Even then certain physical attributes may be telling especially as regards to what your girlfriend feels about her own body. If she is a stickler for size zero figure and goes into paroxysm of anxiety as soon as half a pound extra shows up on the weighing scale, it could indicate that pregnancy is not one of the main priorities, at least for the present. Giving birth to children will inevitably bring about some changes in the physical shape of a woman which could range from weight gain, pigmentation, stretch marks to heavier breasts on account of breastfeeding. And while showbiz news consistently churns out images of celebrity moms who are back to their pre-pregnancy figures after a mere month of giving birth, for the average women, such rush is neither practical nor indeed desirable. Whether or how much of those pregnancy pouns, a woman is able to lose should be determined by keeping her overall health and that that of her baby in mind. So if you are planning to have biological child with your partner, it would help a lot if she is confident about her looks and has no body issues.

She is good with pets

However in order to become a good mother, it is not necessary that a woman has to go through the process of childbirth. Adoptive mothers can be amazing mothers while some birth mothers cannot wait to give away their children for adoption or foster care. One of the surest ways you can tell whether a woman will be a good mother or not is by observing her nurturing traits and one of the ways this may be evident in her treatment of pets. If she has one or more of her own, does she talk about her love for them or view them as a burden? A woman with a nurturing bent of mind would keep their health maintained by regular vet visits and have the animals properly trained, if needed. If she required to leave them home alone for an extended period, she would arrange good care for them. On the other hand if she has none of her own but meets yours, you can still get some clues to her potential for caring and nurturing. She would be delighted to meet them and show genuine concern or at least interest in their welfare. Also she may be OK with looking after your pets for brief periods and not mind if your dog or cat is around when she stays for the night at your place.

Babies love her

This is of course one of the most obvious clues to a woman’s mothering potential. Watch her with children, like nieces and nephews, and notice if they seem to genuinely like her. Does she spend time with children when they are around, or does she seem annoyed or bothered by them? Note how she behaves with babies and how they respond to her overtures; if she instantly picks them up and cuddles and more importantly if they stop crying and fall into an angelic sleep in her lap, you may have got yourself a winner.

She likes mothering

Another tell tale sign of a woman’s mommy potential is how she acts when you need at bit of looking since this can allow you to experience her mothering side first hand. When you come down with flu does she provide you with chicken soup, a warm flannel and cough syrup? Or does it just not occur to her that you might need a little extra attention and merely leaves you with some aspirin tablets on the dresser? A woman with a greater capacity for emotional intimacy and bonding will surely make a better mom than someone who is highly individualistic and self-involved.

She does not mind a bit of mess

Women who are finicky about neatness and order are likely to find the chaos in a household with babies rather nerve-wracking. With small babies around, there is always going to be a mess of one sort or another – puddles on the carpet, drool on favorite blouses, apple sauce on upholstery and baby puke anywhere possible. On the other hand a woman who is not easily grossed out will not have such a tough time changing diapers and cleaning up thrown up food. She will take these as part of parenting and not complain or fly into a temper when confronted with yet another clean-up job to do.

She goes with the flow

While bringing up children, one of the most important thing is to be flexible. This is because there is no saying with kids and plans can be overturned for any number of reasons when the little ones are involved. Thus all your well-laid travel plans may come crashing when your baby comes up with a fever just the night before you are about to start. A woman who is easily perturbed by changes and likes to be in control of everything will have a hard time adjusting to the unpredictability that is ingrained in parenting. On the other hand if your girlfriend is happy to go with the flow and can quickly look for alternatives and replacements when met with a change in plan will make for a more relaxed mom and thus happier kids.

She has a clear sense of values

Finally it is just not enough to be maternal and feminine to be a good mother. An essential part of bringing up kids is to inculcate in them a sense of right and wrong so that they can not only be good persons but well-adjusted social beings as well. In this sense a woman who merely molly-coddles the kids and lounges about the house with them is far from the ideal mom. She also needs to discipline the kids, making sure they getting their homework in on time, taking their tablets and keeping the house clean besides coordinating their school, sports and other activities. Thus a woman will have to be organized, intelligent and confident if she is to bring up kids well-equipped to make their mark into the world.