How to Cheer up Someone Who's Just Lost a Pet


In today’s age, where stress builds up faster than water in a glass, everyone is looking for a companion. While some find their better halves online and by speed dating, there are those who opt for traditional yet reliable means of finding their perfect partners. These are people who adopt pets. While loneliness may not be the compelling factor for them to make that choice, they do not deny enjoying the company of a pet. Some people are habituated to having pets, some carry them across borders when they move out and some adopt them from shelters. Ways and means of getting one may be varied but the reasons for doing so are almost the same. It’s their love and attachment towards their pets that motivates them to bring the pet home with them.

But just like the loss of a human life is inevitable, so is the loss of a pet. Losing a member of the family is never easy on anybody. But the attitude with which people look at the circumstance can help them cope better with their lives. The loss of a pet can be devastating and can make many people feel low or depressed. In times like these, when all seems lost, a helping hand or a lending shoulder can make a big difference.

Be there for them

For those who are grieving the loss of a pet, coping with the silence or the loneliness that comes with the death can be devastating. A little help from friends and relatives can be very useful if offered correctly. You could visit your friend, usually when she/he is alone at home and can offer to help them with their chores. You could also offer to take them out for lunch or for a movie, if they feel up to it. You must however, be sure, to never force anything upon them at this time. It is absolutely essential that you offer help when you think it is required by them. Forcing it will only make matters worse.

Talk to them

Communication is the key to all relationships. If there is an absence here, there is little trouble that can be solved. Since you are a friend who is needed at crucial times like these, you can offer to lighten up the mood by starting an engaging conversation. Concentration may not come easily for your friend, but it is your task to help them think of other things which could take their mind off the death of their pet.

Be understanding

Losing a friend or a companion can take a toll on a person’s physical as well mental health. At this time, you must be more patient and understanding with your friend. If there comes a time, after the death of a pet, that your friend is being unreasonable with you and is crossing certain limits, take the high road and try to end the quarrel there. You can only imagine the trauma your friend is facing and to be a little more compassionate, you could forgive them for their outburst or their mistake and move on. Pulling on that string can only worsen your situation.

Listen to them

In tough times like these, all your friend needs is a shoulder to cry on. So when your friend talks about her pet, just listen to her. You could add in your comments as well, but give your friend the space and the time to talk. They could sit and cry in your lap for hours, but sometimes, all you need to do is to let them continue without probing and asking them to stop. Some people let out their feelings in words while some people cry. Therefore, if you feel your friend will feel a lot better if you hear them out, encourage them to talk.

Buy them a new pet

Quite frankly, this is a tricky solution to the problem. In certain cases, this can be the perfect solution but in some cases it can break the person up again. To understand if your friend is ready for another pet, you could drop in the subject a couple of times to see their reaction. If they are positive about it, you can go ahead with buying them a new pet. On the other hand, if they sulk, you should understand that as a signal to not go ahead with this plan. It surely will get dicey to handle a situation like that, but precautions can be taken to avoid making a mess.

Be positive

If the prospect of getting another pet scares your friend, try explaining things to them. If their pet had to be put to sleep and did not die a natural death, explain the causes and why such a thing would have been good for the pet rather than letting it live a painful life. Many people cannot come to terms with euthanasia and cannot make peace with it but there are certain situations that demand harsh treatments like that. Be convincing and comforting.  When they hear a similar opinion coming from a loved one, they know that any decision that they took was the right one.

While some people may take more time than others to acknowledge the absence of a pet, consider it normal and give them the time to move on. Try using the ways mentioned here to help them during the tough times. It can be difficult but it is not impossible for anyone to mourn the loss of a loved one forever.

In extreme cases, like with children who cannot bear the loss of beloved pet, drastic measures may be needed to get them out of the depression. Usually, a change in location helps them to focus on brighter things and move on but where that doesn’t work, the help of a specialist may be required.

Coping with a loss is not easy. As a friend and a guide, you can help your loved one to move on to better things in life by keeping them company and being with them whenever they need you.