Signs that Your Wife Doesn't Respect You


Signs that Your Wife has Lost Respect for You

While love and trust form the pillars of any romantic relationship, a marriage cannot survive without mutual respect. It is only when spouses look up to each other and believe that they are together working for the health of their marriage, that their relationship can be a success. A marriage without respect is on unsteady ground. Unfortunately many men do not understand this until it is too late and either their spouses are fed up and ready to walk out, or they have already found someone else to love and trust. So watch out for these signs that will tell you when your wife is steadily losing respect for you.

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She no longer looks at you

If you have noticed that when you talk to your wife these days, she no longer maintains eye contact, it is time to take stock. She may continue to watch the TV or fiddle with her mobile phone, even as you try to say something important to her. The fact that you cannot hold your wife’s attention is a sign that she no longer thinks that what you have to say to her is worth listening to.

She picks faults all the time

Do you feel that no matter how hard you try to please your wife currently, nothing is good enough for her? In the past, the least bit of attention from you used to send her into raptures in the past. If you find that your wife is bent on finding fault with all you do, at all times, it is clear that she is no longer happy to be your partner.

She walks away from you at parties

After arriving at a party together, if you find your wife walking away from you at once, it is clear that she doesn’t want to be seen with you. She may while away the time at the social event, laughing and chatting up with her pals and relatives and not give you a second glance.

She acts disinterested

If nothing you say or do seems to interest your wife any more, it is a sign that she no longer cares about the relationship. A woman who respects her husband, will remain attentive to him even when he expresses differing opinions. But a wife who no longer cares for her husband’s words or actions, wouldn’t bother to even look interested.

She ‘forgets’ to introduce you to her pals

Has it ever happened that you both come across any of your wife’s friends or co-workers at a mall or restaurant and your wife continues to chat away with them while you are left awkwardly twiddling your thumbs? This is a clear sign that your wife no longer considers you worthy enough to be introduced to her social circle and feels that she is better off without you. It may pain you to contrast this with the earlier days, when your wife would be eager and proud to show you off to her closest pals.

She keeps being late

If you find that these days, your wife has developed a habit of coming late for your ‘dates’ or meetings, it is a sign that she no longer respects your time. This is so different from her arriving just a little late in the early days of your dating, when it was meant to sharpen the eagerness of being together. But now, it is perhaps because your wife is unwilling to spend time with you, or couldn’t care less if you get annoyed at having to wait.

She keeps interrupting you

When in company, if you find your wife constantly breaking the flow of your words or yawning pointedly when you are speaking, it is evident she does not think that what you have to say is worth listening to. While this may sometimes happen even in the privacy of your house, without meaning much, if it happens before others, and repeatedly, it is time to recognize that your wife has ceased to respect you.

She takes you for granted

You are doing your wife a favour by filling up her car at the gas station for the fifth time. But if instead of being grateful for your consideration, she ignores you or continues to take you for granted, consider it as a sign of disrespect towards you. Similarly, if she keeps taking your help for granted in other issues, big or small, maybe it is time you had a talk with her on where your relationship is headed.

She forces things on you

If you find that time and again, your wife is forcing you to do things or take decisions which clash with your values or go against your sense of self-respect, it is clear she no longer respects you as a partner, or even as a person with individual values and preferences. For instance, if you consciously avoid a particular food item and you find that your wife has knowingly prepared dinner with that item, perhaps it is time to address the  underlying issues affecting your marriage.

She insults you in public

Perhaps the biggest sign that your wife no longer respects you, is when she makes insulting or hurtful remarks against you before others. This is a clear indication that the bond of mutual love and respect in your marriage has broken down and you need to resolve the conflict if your relationship is to be saved.

If you find that most of the above instances have been taking place in your marriage, you must realize that your wife no longer looks up to you as she did before and it may be only a matter of time before she walks out. If you wish to save your marriage, choose the right moment to sit with your wife and ask how you have failed her. Thrash out all underlying issues between the two of you and if necessary, take the help of a marriage counsellor. It is never too late to win back your wife’s respect and with a bit of love and patience, you will find that your marriage is once again on solid grounds.