The Book of Questions for Couples - Know Everything about your Partner


If you've always wanted to know everything about your partner but didn't know what to ask or even where to begin, help is close at hand. 'Tell Me Honey...2000 Questions for Couples' is a mile long list of questions, most of them open ended - that you can ask your partner. There are more than 75 categories that the questions have been placed in including love, sex, relationships, money, career, family, sports, entertainment, childhood, hopes, ambitions, religion, children and a lot else that you would probably never have thought about.

A lot of couples spend decades together and yet find it hard to fathom what makes the other tick. A lot is unknown. Many areas remain undiscovered. Ironically, all this happens even while monotony sets it due to a perceived predictability. This book puts together what is arguably the largest-ever list of such questions. It would take you years to think of as many even if you could manage. There are over four hundred of them about love, relationships and sex alone!

Played as a game of sorts between a couple, this book can help you ask questions that would have normally met with the 'Why did you ask me that?' response? Here you have a valid excuse.

For those not married, the book has hundreds of questions that can serve as ice breakers or in social situations where you're trying to charm someone you've only just met. Some questions, as the author puts it, are best meant for lovers or spouses. Others are ideal for first dates or at get-togethers where you're meeting new people. If you're single by choice, this book can be useful as a self discovery tool, to introspect and understand yourself better. There have been many books written on this subject. This one is the no-fluff book you've been waiting for.

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