Understand Men - Alison Armstrong and Pax Program Workshops review


Alison Armstrong tours USA and Worldwide with her workshops bringing change into the lives of many men and women, helping couples rejuvenate their relationship. Alison Armstrong offers her workshops in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, and in other Southern California and Pacific Northwest cities. Her workshops are usually held at prominent hotels. Alison ArmStrong has often been covered in the print media, on the internet and on radio. She's also the author of the book 'Making Sense of Men'. 

Alison Armstrong has been a woman with a mission since 1991. She mentions how a phone call from a friend changed her life. Her friend pointed out that Alison was trying to emasculate men - even her own 3 year-old son. She suggested that Alison stop doing it. That shocked Alison and set her thinking. Read the very interesting story on her website.

Alison Armstrong runs workshops wanting to put an end to the war of the sexes. Her workshops help women understand men better. The understand men website has a testimonial by Alanis Morissette, the singer-songwriter known for her chartbusters.
Morissette says she 'can see men in a new and more loving way' and has got a deep understanding from Alison.

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Pax Programs offers a free 3-hour workshop titled 'Making Sense of Men' meant for all the women who're confused and frustrated dealing with men in their lives. It helps women of all ages whether single or in a relationship or married for a long time to understand the behaviour of men and the fluctuations in their behaviour. The workshop seeks to analyze and explain why relationships start out with a gush of enthusiaism and then peter out. it helps you stop a relationship from crashing. Alison Armstrong explains that men are attracted to women in two ways. One way is wanting to chase them and talk them into bed. The other is to love them, cherish them and adore them. It is the second attraction that is often elusive for women who want to spend a life being cherished by the man of their dreams and Alison Armstrong's workshop works with you towards making that possible. You'll know how to recognize the words that a man uses when he loves you and cares for you.

The 'Celebrating Women:Regarding Ecstasy & Power' weekend workshop offered by Alison Armstrong helps women understand themselves. Women have long been known to be complicated creatures. This workshop helps them realise their own self-worth and bring out the best in themselves. Women often become somewhat masculine to cope with the demands at work and in career. To know when to switch back to being feminine is important. Without this one can meet with failure head-on. This is one of the aspects this workshop sheds light on.

If you're planning to get married soon or are not sure whether you'll ever marry or have been married for any period of time, then the 'Celebrating Men & Marriage' worksop is for you. Women who complete this workshop are able to see marriage in the right perspective. They are no longer groping in the dark when they get married. Living together with someone on an every day basis can and does give rise to some conflict. With this workshop you know which are the clashes and conflicts you can expect and how you can use them and turn them into opportunities for love and romance. You'll also know what not to ignore in a marriage lest it turn into a a major issue.

The 'Celebrating Men & Sex' workshop gives you an opportunity to understand men and their sexual attitudes. The workshop sheds light on how men understand and perceive sex and how they express themselves through sex. You'll also understand your own sexual needs and desires. If sex has been an area of conflict with your partner or you have had a less than fulfiling sex life, then this is the workshop for you.

The workshop 'Understanding Women: Unlock the Mystery' will do what no man has so far managed to - understand women! it demystifies the mind of a woman and elaborates on the mental makeup of women. Women can participate in this workshop alone or with their men or simply send their men to be part of this. Men will learn about the instinct of women as well as about the feelings of women and how to honor them. It has been known to change the way man men looked at women. Men attending this workshop show a new respect for the women in their lives.

Alison Armstrong also has a special course for couples 'Peace, Love and Passion – The Couples Away Course' where couples can leave behind their children, work and home to focus on their own selves. This workshop helps couples deal with household chores, free time and money to have a better life and more fun. It helps married couples heal old wounds and learn to let go. It also leads to a better sex life for most couples.

We have often heard from people who have benefited significantly from the workshops conducted by Alison Armstrong and PAX Incorporated. Philip & Sue (named changed to protect identity) married for six years, attended a workshop designed for couples. TO quote Philip, "I found the workshop to an eye-opener in many ways. I realised we were following a pattern which drove us into a conflict repeatedly and we never realised it. we're different individuals and the workshop helped us celebrate the ways in which our personas differ. We now understand each other better and our sex life has improved greatly.

We're closer to each other as a couple and have no grudges. That translates into great emotional and physical chemistry. I wish I had attended this workshop five years ago'. Alison Armstrong and PAX Incorporated seem so sure of their workshops that they promise a 100% refund to those who go back unsatisfied. This in itself inspires a lot of confidence and if you stay in one of the states they'll be touring this year, we highly recommend that you attend their free workshop to get your feet wet.