Broke up with your partner? Here's how to emerge stronger


21. Reinvent yourself

Get a new hairstyle, experiment with your look. If you've always favored long hair go in for a short look. Straighten out your tresses, streak your hair or change your hair color.

22. Go shopping

Go shopping for clothes that enhance your appearance and make heads turn. Shopping is a wonderful way, especially for women, to cope with the grief of a break up. However, don't go overboard. In fact, try keeping your credit card at home.

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23. Take up a new hobby

Try out something you always wanted to but never had the time for. Make time for it now. Channel your grief over the break up into doing something creative or something that gives you pleasure.

24. Take up a new sport

For fitness enthusiasts, getting physically challenged in terms of a new sport is a great way to deal with a break up. In fact, a game like squash has the dual advantage of being excellent exercise and you could always imagine you're hitting the ball straight into your ex's smug face. Might improve your game! For the more daring, indulge in an adventure sport like bungee jumping or parasailing. Get the adrenaline pumping.

25. Join a gym

Work up a good sweat at your local gym and then soothe your aching limbs (and heart!) in the steam/sauna.

26. Sign up for a dance class

Enroll in a dance class and learn some cool moves to sizzle on the dance floor. Let the music take control.

27. Yoga and meditation

Coping with a break up and the recovery phase is not about losing yourself in a frenetic pace of activities, trying to forget. It is about achieving inner peace. What better way than to practice yoga. Meditation is the key to invigorate your mind, rejuvenate your senses and uplift your soul.

28. Cook up a Storm

If you're passionate about cooking, turn yourself loose in the kitchen. Chopping, stirring, mixing, baking are all activities that are therapeutic in nature. And if you are the kind who can whip up a batch of cookies, invite the neighborhood kids over and watch their gleeful expressions as they dig in!

29. The cosmic connection

For those who believe in what the stars foretell, get an astrology report done. Find out what lies ahead.

30. Join a non-profit organization

Join a non-profit organization that works for the under-privileged. You could also volunteer at an orphanage or adoption center. Little kids have a certain charm that will take your mind off your woes.