How to keep cordial relationship with ex-girlfriends?


It might seem rather strange to some people to perceive a relationship between a boy and his ex-girlfriend. Yes, we may sound a rather brusque when we talk about ‘relationship’ and ‘ex-girlfriend’ in the same breath. How can these two apparently contradictory terms gel together? One may wonder. Relationship need not always connote an amorous kind that may exist between a boy and a girl. A friendship for instance is one such relationship that can happen between a boy and girl, or rather, his ex-girlfriend.

Is it really possible to keep a cordial relationship with your ex-girlfriend? Ex means past, something or somebody who is done and over with. There is no scope for a relationship with her, exclaims a group of boys who have never even exchanged pleasantries with any of their ex-girlfriends after their relationship ended.

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However, there are certain boys who have not only remained cordial with their ex but have managed to build a strong friendship with them. For starters, let us learn few ways to keep cordial relationship with your ex-girlfriends.

Kind of parting
A sense of being cordial or pleasant with your ex-girlfriend depends on how you ended the relationship. If the parting was uncomplicated with no hard feelings on either side then it's easier to be cordial with your ex-girlfriend. But if the relationship ended on a bitter note, with either of you or both emerging out of the relationship with a feeling of disillusionment or negativity, then it's better to leave your ex-girlfriend in the past - where she truly belongs.

Once your relationship with your girlfriend has ended, make sure your ex-girlfriend has no feelings towards you. It would be difficult to be cordial with her if she still nurtures a feeling of love towards you. Your being cordial may sometimes be mistaken for love.
Being cordial with your ex-girlfriend may serve a good purpose if you have entered into a relationship with another girl. There would be no better endorsement than an ex-girlfriend who still sings your praises.

Being cordial to your ex-girlfriend largely depends on your present girlfriend’s choice. ex-girlfriends are often viewed as a ‘threat’ to a relationship. If your present girlfriend throws a fit every time you mention your ex-girlfriend’s name, then it's better to cut all ties with your past relationships. Another option could be to provide adequate reassurance to your new partner that you care for her in a very special way and she has no reason to feel threatened by your ex. Once she understands her position and feels secure, you can be cordial with your ex.

Do you feel safe to be cordial with your ex-girlfriend? If so, ask yourself if you have been fair to your ex-girlfriend and your new girlfriend. If you are clear about your motive, then it is possible to cordial with your ex.

By being cordial with your ex-girlfriends following a breakup, the new one is far more likely to see you in a positive light.