The Mounts of the Hand and their Meaning in Palmistry


The Mounts of the Hand (Plate VI., Part II.) vary in the most remarkable manner in accordance with the character and dispositions of races and their different temperaments.

In almost all the Southern and more emotional races, these Mounts are more noticeable than those belonging to Northern countries. It has been observed that all people with the Mounts apparent or prominent are more swayed by their feelings and emotions than those people who have flat palms and undeveloped Mounts.

The names given to the Mounts of the Hand are those also given to the seven principal planets that sway the destiny of our earth, viz., the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.

These names were given to the Mounts by the Greek students of this subject, and were associated by them with the qualities attributed to these seven planets, such as:

  Venus       = Love, sensuality and passion.
  Mars        = Vitality, courage, fighting, etc.
  Mercury     = Mentality, commerce, science.
  Moon        = Imagination, romance, changeability.
  Sun         = Brilliancy, fruitfulness, success.
  Jupiter     = Ambition, power, domination.
  Saturn      = Reserve, melancholy, seriousness.

In my own long experience I could not help but remark the intimate relation between the effect of these great planets of our Universe and humanity in general. Although it would not be within the scope of this work to teach also Astrology in these pages, I must, however, in order to help all earnest students and readers of this book, put before them the following curious evidence of the influence of the planets on our lives. This is also demonstrated by the position and shape of the Mounts on the Hand, and, as far as I know, has never been published in any book dealing with Palmistry before.

In the accompanying pages it will be noticed that I have for the first time dealt with these Mounts as Positive and Negative. The following explanation of my reason for doing this should be of the greatest assistance to my readers, and will also be useful in showing the close relationship between the two sciences Astrology and Palmistry.

There are, it is well-known, in the Zodiac which surrounds our earth, what are called "the twelve Houses" of the seven principal planets of our Solar System.

The Zodiac itself is described both by Astronomers and Astrologers as a pathway in the Universe, about sixteen degrees broad, in which the planets travel. It is divided into twelve Signs or Houses of thirty degrees each, and our Sun enters a new sign on an average of every thirty days. At the end of twelve months it has completed the zodiacal circle of 360 degrees, or one Solar year.

The Sun, the creator of life, and itself the greatest mystery of our Universe, is in bulk 330,000 times larger than our earth. It therefore follows that in entering a new sign of the Zodiac, it changes the magnetic vibrations of the effect of each sign towards our earth. Consequently it is reasonable to presume that a person born, say in April, and another in May, would have very different characteristics and naturally a distinct destiny, because character is Fate or Destiny.

My readers will now easily follow me when I state that, especially as regards health and disease, the following tables concerning the Mounts of the Hand, taken in conjunction with the date of birth, will enable them, when reading the hand, to tell many things with an accuracy that will be most convincing both to themselves and to their hearers.