Reading the Line of Fate or Destiny

The Line of Fate or Destiny is the line from the wrist to the second finger. When ong and well marked it denotes strong personality and if the other lines on the hand are good it promises success by one's own personal individuality. (Plate 1.)

If found turning towards the base of the first finger, or sending a branch towards it (see dotted line), it promises that the person will have a position of rule and authority over others. (Plate 1.)

If bending towards the base of the first finger, or sending a branch to the third finger (see dotted line), it foretells fame, glory, and public life; but more that of the sensational kind as in the case of actors, barristers, great orators or those in the "public eye," whereas when going to the base of the firs finger it gives more the position of responsibility and rule over others, such as in the case of great statesmen, kings, presidents, princes, governors, generals, or in a lesser degree, heads of business and successful employers and controllers of men. (Plate 1.)

When "broken" it foretells trouble and disaster at whatever date the "break" appears. (Plate 2.) The centre of the palm is considered the middle of the destiny or thirty-five years of age.

In a later chapter the system of how exact dates are found will be given in detail.

The Line of Fate when it appears joined or tied to the Line of Life, indicates sacrifice to others during the early part of the career. This is generally found on the hands of men or women who have put aside their own ambitions in order to support their parents of other relations; it is also often seen in the case of early marriages, where the Fate has been hampered by the cares and responsibilities of family ties. (Plate 3.)

The Line of Fate starting from inside the Line of Life or from any part on the base of the Thumb (also called the Mount of Venus) denotes that the Love nature—or on a hand with a weak Line of Head, the sensual disposition—rules and cripples the career. (Plate 4.)

The Line of Fate starting from the centre or from the opposite side of the palm shows a destiny independent of home ties or other influences from the commencement. This also gives an insight into the character and shows that the person will not readily sacrifice themselves for others; with a very straight Line of Head this is invariably the case. (Plate 5.)

The farther out the Line of Fate commences near the outside of the base of the palm, the less the person is influenced by "home ties" or even the wishes of other people.

When no Line of Fate is found on the hand, there will be a hard struggle for existence all through the life.

When an "island" is formed on the Line of Fate, it is not as had a sign as the "break," but it indicates trouble and loss of power or position as long as the " island" lasts. (Plate 6.)

When the Line of Fate separates, and one line commences before the other ends, it is not the indication of "a broken fate," but means a complete change in the career. If the line appears to continue stronger in appearance after this mark, then the change will be to the advantage of the person on whose hand it is shown. The reverse is the case when the continuing line looks weaker or fades out altogether. (Plate 7.)

From this it will be seen how changes in the career (whether for good luck or the reverse) may be seen years in advance and might be altered one way or the other if the warning is acted upon in time.

The Line of Fate is like the railway of Destiny— it has its junctions, its sidings, its broken bridges. If the driver of an engine paid no regard to his signals, the broken bridge would not be repaired in time, or the siding he might be running into may lead to nowhere.


The Line of Fate or Destiny relates to our worldly advancement, and to our position and success.

It may rise from the Line of Life, the wrist, the outside base of the palm, or from the middle of the paint.

Rising from the Line of Life, success will be won by personal merit, but if the line be tied down by the Line of Life, the early portion of the subject's life will be sacrificed to the wishes of parents, relatives, by early burdens, and duties to one's family.

When the line rises from the wrist and goes straight up the hand, it is a sign of extreme good fortune, luck, and denotes a strong personality.

Rising from the outside of the palm, the person is of a very independent nature — but has more the traveling, roving spirit of adventure than when the line rises up the centre of the hand. If such a line joins the Line of Heart and continues with it to the first finger, it foretells prosperity through the affections, but brought about by romance and chance.

If the Line of Fate be straight and a line runs in and joins it from the outside of the palm, it tells that some person will assist and back up the subject in his pursuit of fame, ambition and worldly success. If the line goes on to the base of the second finger, but sends offshoots on to the other mounts, it denotes that science, commerce, or art will change the life according to whatever mount indicated.

If the line itself, or any branch of it, should go to any mount or portion of the hand instead of to the second finger, it foretells great success in that particular direction. Going to the Mount of Mercury (see Plate 1) distinction in science, eloquence or commerce.

To the Mount of the Sun (see Plate 1) — distinction in art, literature, dramatic work or public life.

Art, if the third finger be fine and pointed.

Literature, if the third finger he square.

Dramatic work, if the nail phalange of the third finger be spatulate.

If the Line of Fate go up to the Mount of Jupiter (see Plate 1) the Fate and work of the subject will be to win ambition and power, to dictate or rule over others.

When the line cuts into the third phalange of the finger of Saturn, it is not a happy sign, as every- thing will go too far.

When stopped by the Line of Heart, fortune will be ruined by the affections. When, however, it joins the Line of Heart, and they together ascend the Mount of Jupiter, it is a magnificent sign. The subject will gain high position, and get his highest ambitions gratified through love.

When stopped by the Line of Head, it foretells that fortune will be spoiled through miscalculation, or by stupidity.

If the line does not rise until late in she middle of the palm (the Plain of Mars) it tells of a hard life; but if it goes on well to the second finger, all difficulties will be conquered through the subject's energy and will.

If it only rises from the Line of Head, and that line is good, success will be won late in life through the subject's talent and perseverance.

When the line rises with one branch from Luna, the other from Venus, wild dreams of imagination and love will lead to success or failure, according to the length and strength of the Line of Fate.

When broken and irregular, the Fate will be full of trouble and worry.

A break is not always a bad sign: when one branch begins before the other leaves oft, it is a sign of a change in life, and of an advancement in position if the line continues strong.

When the line joins it and goes on, either as an attendant or as a short ray line, it is generally marriage, or the influence of some other person over one's life.

A double or sister fate line, I have always proved to be an excellent sign, particularly if they go up to different mounts.

People with no Line of Fate whatever generally lead a mere vegetable existence. They go through life in a mechanical way. They eat, drink, sleep, and —well, I cannot say—are happy, for they cannot feel acutely, and to feel happiness we must also feel the reverse. Sunshine and shadow, smiles and tears, comprise the sum total of our lives.