The Line of Fate Rising from the Middle of the Palm

When the Line of Fate only makes its appearance far up in the centre of the palm, in what is called the Plain of Mars, it indicates a hard early life and that the subject must always have a hard fight to gain his ends; but should the Line ascend clearly and strongly from the Plain of Mars and have a branch to or on towards the Mount of the Sun, such a person will be the architect of his own fortunes, and without help or assistance will win success and fortune by his own personal hard work and merit.

When the Line of Fate rises from the Line of Head and when it is well marked, everything will come to the subject late in life and only then by his own brains.

When the Line of Fate is seen with one branch on the Mount of Venus and the other on the Mount of the Moon (1-2, Plate XIII.) it indicates a career of romance and passion, by which the whole of the Destiny will be swayed.

When the Line of Fate itself rises inside the Life Line on the Mount of Venus (2-2, Plate XIII.), passionate love will affect the whole career, and such persons, it will be found, usually place their affections on impossible people or on those who are in some way tied up by marriage or who otherwise are unable to gratify the love that the other person demands. This is a most unlucky sign for affection to find in the hands of a woman.

When the Line of Fate is broken or made up in little bits, the career will be found full of troubles, breaks, and nothing that one gets will last long enough to bring any settled or continuous success.

A break in the Fate Line is not always a bad sign to have, provided that one side begins before the other ends; in such a case it foretells a complete change in surroundings and position, and if the new line looks good and straight it will be found to mean that the change will bring about an advancement in position commencing at the date when the second line first makes its appearance.