The Line of Destiny and its Modifications

If such a line be found joining the Line of Heart (1-1, Plate XII.), it foretells a happy and prosperous marriage, but one in which idealism, romance, and some fortunate circumstances play their rĂ´le, and one which results more from the caprice or fancy of the person of the other sex.

If the Line of Fate be itself straight but with a line running in and joining it from the Mount of the Moon (5-5, Plate XI.), it indicates that the influence of some outside person has helped the subject's Fate, and it is generally an indication of the influence of another sex to the one on whose hand it appears.

When this line of influence from the Mount of the Moon does not, however, blend with the Fate Line (2-2, Plate XII.), it denotes that the other person's life will always remain distinct, and the influence will last only for the length of time that it runs by the side of the subject's Fate.

When this influence line cuts the Line of Fate and, leaving it, travels on for some distance towards the Mount of Jupiter (3-3, Plate XII.) it tells that the person whose influence it denotes will only be attracted to the subject by personal ambition--that this person will use the subject for the furthering of his own aims and ambitions, and will desert the subject when she is of no further use. This is more commonly seen on the hand of a woman than on that of a man.

If the Line of Fate ascending the hand sends an offshoot from it on or towards any of the Mounts, such as to Jupiter, the Sun, or Mercury, then the Destiny will be more largely associated with the quality that the Mount it approaches symbolises.

For example: If such a line be seen approaching or going towards Jupiter (6-6, Plate XI.) it denotes responsibility, power of command over others, or some high position which will commence to be realised from the date when the offshoot leaves the Line of Fate. If such a mark continues its course and finishes on the Mount of Jupiter, it is one of the most magnificent signs of success that can be found for that particular aim or purpose.

If this offshoot ascends towards the Mount of the Sun (7-7, Plate XI.) the success will be in the direction of riches and public life, which will give great publicity or renown; this is also a magnificent sign of success.

If the offshoot goes towards the Mount of Mercury (8-8, Plate XI.), the success it indicates will be more in the direction of some special achievement either in science or commerce.

If the Line of Fate itself should not ascend towards its habitual position on the Mount of Saturn, but, instead, run up towards or on to any other Mount, then the whole effort of the life will be tinged with whatever quality that particular Mount signifies. Such an indication must not, however, be considered as the certain or sure sign of success as when the Line of Fate keeps to its own place and sends branches to some particular Mount.

When the Line of Fate ascends the hand without branches and runs like a lonely path up and on to the Mount of Saturn, such a person will be like a child of Fate chained to an iron road of circumstances. It will be impossible for him to avert the trials of his Destiny or mitigate them in any way. He will receive no help from others, and little will ever happen except to bring him sorrow or tragedy. Such a mark of Fate through the hand must never be considered as "a good line of Destiny."

To have a really good Line of Fate it should not be too heavily marked, but just clear and distinct, and, above all, be accompanied by a Line of Sun in some form or other.

If a Line of Fate run over the Mount of Saturn and up into the base of the finger, it is an unfortunate sign, as everything the subject undertakes will get out of his control, and he will not apparently know how or when to stop in whatever he takes up.

When the Line of Fate appears to be stopped by the Line of Heart, the career will always be ruined through or by the affections being badly placed.

When, however, it joins the Line of Heart and they together ascend the Mount of Jupiter (1-1, Plate XII.), the subject will have happiness through his affections and will be helped by love and affection to attain his highest ambitions. He will also be extremely lucky through the friendship and love of those he meets, and will be greatly benefited and helped by others.

When the Line of Fate appears to be stopped by the Line of Head (4-4, Plate XII.), it foretells that his career will be spoiled by the subject's own stupidity or mental foolishness.