How to make women laugh - tips and advice on using humor to charm women

It could be argued that the single most important characteristic a man has with regards to attracting women is his sense of humor. Looks and money are great,  but even the shallowest gold digger is still going to want to enjoy the company of the man she's spending her time with. The single greatest indicator of ephemeral and long term happiness is laughter. It would take a very special kind of girl to be happy with a man who can't make her giddy from time to time. Furthermore making a woman laugh is imperative on first meetings and approaches. Save your deep tortured soul and your artistic inner beauty for a time when you can trust a woman with your vulnerability. For now you need to make her laugh; you'll be glad you did.

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Firstly you should create a pleasant atmosphere around yourself. Smile and interact in a friendly, upbeat way. Any girl is going to be much more comfortable talking with a guy who appears to be content with his situation and surroundings than with someone who drags the whole room down. If you give off a melancholy vibe you immediately put pressure on the woman to make you feel better or to give up and find a happier person to communicate with. Girls don't want to be your shrink; they want to be your friend, or maybe more. Help them to know that you're happy to be with them.

Make fun of yourself. Tell stories about embarrassing things that you've gone through. Shade these stories in a positive light and just laugh at yourself. This makes you seem down to earth and as long as you don't make it sound like you're self-pitying this is a great way to make a girl feel comfortable with you. This also serves as a nice door opener for being able to tease her. If you've already spent time poking fun at yourself, she's much less likely to feel attacked if you lightly poke fun at her. Steer clear of teasing a girl about her physical characteristics though; just point out silly little personality traits in a playful way that allows her to laugh at herself.

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Stray away from jokes making fun of any particular demographic. These sorts of quips have their place, but it's more among people you know well and have already built a relationship with. The last thing you want to do when making a first impression is appear judgmental. Overtly sexual jokes should probably also be avoided at the onset.  As you and a new woman start to get a little closer (flirting, touching, kissing etc.) sexual jokes can be used to break some ice and intercept any future bedroom awkwardness, but on first meetings and dates you usually don't want to go out of your way to appear like a pervert. Some girls (particularly in the younger generations) might be open to risque jokes sooner however.  A general rule of thumb there is that if a girl makes light of sex while talking to you then she probably won't mind you making light of it as well. If you find that dirty humor is in play, don't underestimate the power of “that's what she said”, a universally known and appreciated joke that has infinite possibilities.

Transitioning is an important part of making women laugh. Whether it's a gem or a bomb, you never want to stagnate following up a joke. Men flirt by making women laugh whereas women flirt by laughing. The more continuous and fluid each of these actions is, the happier both parties are going to be. If a girl finishes up laughing and there's a brutal silence directly thereafter, it can potentially negate all the good work your joke did in the first place. Right after a girl laughs (particularly if it's a long laugh that signifies obvious enjoyment) is a great time to slide into a stock lifestyle question like "So what do you do for fun ?" or "Do you like the people you work with?". These sorts of questions when asked immediately after introduction can seem typical or obvious but when they follow up a moment of silliness they seem a bit more sincere and the woman is more likely to feel comfortable when answering. The more comfortable she is while talking to you, the more stuff you'll learn about her, which will help you to tailor the style of humor you use for when you try to make her laugh again.   

Use her likes to your advantage. Let's say through your conversation you learn that a girl likes Family Guy (seems like everyone, their mother and their in laws are fans of this cartoon nowadays); you now have a prime opportunity, provided you watch Family Guy yourself, to borrow some professional material. Ask her who her favorite character is or what she likes about the show, gauge her answer, and respond by quoting a line or scene relevant to her assessment. This works for movies, stand up comics and late night talk show hosts as well. If a woman feels as though the things she finds funny are things you would also find funny, it will plant the thought in her head that the two of you could enjoy spending time together taking in all the good humor in the world. This is an indirect way to make a connection without even having to strap yourself for originality.  

Making women laugh is vital in the dating game. The power of humor is incomparable; it can negate fatness, baldness, lack of talent, lack of motivation, joblessness, or any other shortcomings you may think (or know) you have. Now I'm not saying quit your job, dye your teeth purple and become a full time pick-up comedian, but using humor to your advantage (it's really advantageous for those you make laugh as well) is just a no-brainer. There will be women out there who don't follow your jokes or don't care for your taste, but generally speaking those are the same women who just aren't compatible with your personality (and vice versa). Not everyone's perfect for everyone; but you'd be surprised how many girls out there just wanna be happy and laugh, and you can be the guy to make that happen for them.