Libra - Pisces Love Compatibility


Libra and Pisces are respectively the seventh and twelfth signs of the zodiac system. The two signs are quite compatible as far as love is concerned even though they might have to negotiate a few rough patches down the line.

The secret to the romantic compatibility between a Libra and Pisces is their undemanding, easy-going natures and ability to get along well with a variety of people and situations. These are the hallmarks of the mutable quality which is something that both signs share. The Libra is mutable air which means that they use their social and conversational skills to form meaningful connections and to adapt themselves to others. The Pisces on the other had is a mutable water sign and as a result is extremely loving, compassionate but also flexible where different emotional needs are concerned. In a relationship therefore both signs can be depended to respond positively to each other’s unique compulsions. It is this willingness to adjust to one another rather than the tendency to force the other partner to follow one’s own dictates which forms the foundation of every successful romantic relationship. 

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Then again for both signs being in love means being bathed in the peaceful aura of romance. The intense passions of the Scorpio as well as the dizzying enthusiasm of the Gemini are not for this couple. The Libra and Pisces thrive when surrounded by a harmonious mingling of qualities like care, compassion and lots of affection. Any kind of stress and conflict are abhorrent to them and they would even like to stay away from competitive activities which an Aries or Capricorn partner might enjoy with each other. The Libra and Pisces would much rather take part in creative pursuits like music, dance, art and cuisine which gives them lots of opportunities to express their fertile imagination. Here however there is a significant difference between the two; while the Libra is much more social and needs to interact regularly with their large circle of friends and acquaintances, the Pisces is far less dependent upon company and in fact often prefers to spend time by him/herself when they can range free in the realms of the imagination. Even then, both signs enjoy mingling with close friends and like-minded people and this can act as a significant binding force between the Libra and Pisces partners.

However the couple might encounter significant differences in their opposing emotional attitudes. The Libra being an air sign is rather emotionally detached and prefers to stay away from complexities of feelings and sentiments in a relationship. The Pisces on the other hand craves for deep emotional involvement in a relationship which interestingly enough can go either way – a Pisces can either become rather needy and wish to be pampered and taken care of or they can go all out to lavish emotional support on a partner who may not even be deserving of their largesse. The Libra and Pisces thus have contrary emotional requirements in a relationship which might bring them into conflict or more likely, compel them to drift away from each other.

Libra Man and Pisces Woman

The courtship between the male Libra and the female Pisces is likely to be a tender, sweet and romantic affair. The Libra man will charm his partner with his elegant manners and sparkling conversation while the latter will pour forth her gifts of love and compassion into the relationship. It may take a while for the couple to get intimate with each other mainly because of the shy nature of the Pisces woman. Eventually however when they do make love, it will be an experience marked not so much by burning intensity or overwhelming flamboyance but by romance, creativity and tenderness. In fact the fertile imagination of the Pisces can be trusted to lift the airy romance of the Libra to a realm where one’s richest fantasies can come alive and add the right measure of spunk and energy to their lovemaking.

However if the couple wish to have a meaningful relationship, they will have to find a way to negotiate their conflicting emotional needs. The Libra might need to be more demonstrative of his commitment to the relationship while the Pisces would have to learn to be more self-reliant and confident as far as emotional validation is concerned.

Libra Woman and Pisces Man

Upon their initial encounter, the female Libra is sure to warm up to the Pisces man who is so generous with his attentions and compassion. More than his tender attitude, she will be impressed by his uncanny ability to sense her moods and thoughts and thus tailor his behavior accordingly. The male Fish on the other hand will be floored by the grace and sophistication of this popular woman who will make him feel comfortable with her easy conversation and help him to express his thoughts and feelings. Both will be more than happy to shower the best gifts of their imagination and conversation on each other and reap their rewards in a highly satisfying relationship.

However in order to survive in the long run, the Libra and Pisces will have to come to terms with their mutual differences. The Pisces is highly sentimental and when hurt can be found hiding in the solitary depths of his dream-world. This attitude might be incomprehensible to the Libra who would much rather use social interaction and communication to sort out differences – a skill which the Pisces unfortunately lacks. Then again the Libra is wary of emotional intimacy whereas to the Fish it is an important expression of romantic attachment. All these differences might come in the way of the couple finding lasting happiness unless they are able to find a common ground.

In the end however, with both the Libra and Pisces being mutable signs, this pair has quite a realistic chance of successfully negotiating mutual differences. Neither will mind bending a little to adapt to the other’s emotional needs and in fact they can even go on to complement each other beautifully. The Libra with her communications skills will help to draw out her Pisces partner so that he is better able to express himself. Likewise the Pisces will be able to anchor their relationship in deeper emotional belonging so that it is not left to external factors like interests and hobbies to form a binding force between the two partners.