Leo - Pisces Love Compatibility


Leo and Pisces make up the fifth and twelfth signs of the zodiac system respectively. This pair is one of the few instances where mutual personality differences may actually work to heighten rather than lessen romantic compatibility.

The most significant aspect of the Leo-Pisces pair is the way their separate personality traits stand well poised to complement each other in a relationship. The Leo is well known for their love of the limelight, whether in social or professional situations. Being ruled by the Sun which holds all the planets of the solar system in its thrall, it is hardly surprising that Leo should have magnetic personality which attracts, enthuses and leads others. For the very same reason the perfect partner of the Leo is one who does not desire the spotlight for themselves and the Pisces is a very such person. The Fish is often believed, quite unfairly, to be as much passive as the Lion is active; on the contrary the Pisces makes an extremely supportive partner and is capable of providing genuine compassion and attention which every relationship needs but which is particularly necessary where one of the partners is a Leo. With a Pisces for a partner, the Leo is assured of an active listener and a loving companion. The Lion on the other hand, supports the Fish with what is most lacking in the latter – drive and determination. The Leo will be able to encourage the Pisces to make his/her dreams come true and offer the emotional as well as material security without which a Piscean can be left floundering.

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However the biggest hurdle to love compatibility between the Leo and Pisces is posed by the former’s aggressive nature. The Lion needs to keep a rein on their ferocious temper as well as control their tendency for domination. While the mutable quality of the Pisces allows it to be quite adaptable to the various moods and expectations of the Leo and bear them better than signs like the Sagittarius or Scorpio, it needs to be remembered that the Fish is highly sentimental and has a soft heart which tends to get hurt easily. In fact, the Pisces needs little from a partner other than a stress-free environment and being allowed to live in the world of their imagination. If the Fish cannot have these, they will either drift away from the relationship or go on to be depressed.

In the end however things are more likely to smoothen out than get worse. This is because the Lion despite all their bravado and popularity knows that the supportive nature of the Pisces makes them their ideal partners while the Pisces on the other hand is reassured that the Lion will provide them with emotional and material security in the relationship.

Leo Man and Pisces Woman

The male Leo is used to being the center of attraction wherever he is goes. But when he notices the shy, gentle Piscean woman, he is bound to drift away from the crowd of his friends and admirers. He will be irresistibly drawn to her social graces, delicate beauty but most of all to her compassionate heart. She in turn will be impressed by the sheer force of energy and charisma that this man exudes; but more than that the Piscean woman will come to love the open, generous heart of the Leo man as well as his strong sense of loyalty.

When the two come together in love, it will be an immensely satisfying experience for both. Lovemaking between the Leo and Pisces will be fired by the passion and ardor of the former as well as the imagination and emotional intimacy of the latter.

The only hitch in this zodiac compatibility lies in the aggressive nature of the Leo. While in most relationships, both partners need to make equal adjustments, in this case, the onus lies more with the Leo man. He will have to tone down his aggression and egoism if the relationship is to have any reasonable chance of success. This is because a Piscean woman on the whole is unable to communicate her feelings and requirements very vehemently; she will continue to make the most adjustments as long as it is possible for her but when she can stand the Leonine aggression no longer, she will either swim away to calmer waters or go down into depression taking all chances of a happy relationship with her. On the other hand if the Leo comes across as the loving and generous partner that he deep down actually is, he will find no better support than his Piscean partner. And he in turn will be able help her to live up, to have fun and enjoy all the good things that this world has to offer.

Leo Woman and Pisces Man

While it is easy for the vivacious Leo woman to attract the attentions of the most outgoing men in her social circle, she may surprise many with her choice of the calmer, gentler Pisces male. This is because, despite her love for society and penchant for flattery, the female Lion is no fool. She knows that the Fish with his loving heart and imaginative mind will make the most supportive partner for her – one who will not get jealous of her popularity and provide a strong emotional anchor in the relationship. Then again unlike another water sign such as the Cancer, the Pisces is extremely comfortable in social situations which bodes well for a gregarious sign like the Leo. He is likely to be well-loved by his friends and family for this gentle ways and have an ample social circle of his own. Thus contrary social inclinations do not seem to be a problem in this relationship.

The only thing that the female Leo-male Pisces pair needs to watch out for is tendency to slide into their individual extremes. If the Leo woman tries to control her partner too much or the Pisces man retreats too often into his dream world, the balance in the relationship may get skewed. On the contrary if each uses their own personality traits to support the other, the pair could go places. With the Pisces providing unstinting support to the Leo and the Lion motivating the Fish to turn his creativity into reality, both stand well poised to make a successful couple – emotionally as well as socially.