Gemini - Gemini Love Compatibility - Gemini Couple in Love


One of the most versatile signs in the entire zodiac, the Gemini includes all those born between 21st May and 20th June. Romantic compatibility between both genders of this zodiac is quite high considering that each is best placed to understand the unique personality that makes up a Gemini. Individuals born into his zodiac bear the symbol of the Twins and rightly too, considering their dizzying duality of personality and temperament. Geminis can be happy and cheerful one moment but serious and even sarcastic the next. They are adept at saying one thing and meaning something entirely else. While to some this may appear as inconstancy, it is more an evidence of the multiplicity of the roles, activities and moods they enjoy.

The ruling planet for Gemini is Mercury who in Roman mythology was believed to be the busy and swift-footed messenger of gods. Little wonder that this influence lends the Gemini with an amazing energy and attraction to variety. They can easily flit from one interest to another and don many hats as a professional, sports enthusiast, artist, lover, friend, salesperson or hobby companion. Even though extremely adept at multi-tasking, Geminis however prefer working in short bursts of energy rather than long episodes of concerted hard work. The fact that they thrive on variety and are constantly on the lookout for newer experiences can also be attributed to the mutable quality of their zodiac sign.

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Then again Geminis are children of Air because of which they thrive in a world of ideas, exchanging information and opinions in conversation and exceedingly curious to know about people and places. In fact their verbal skills is one of the foremost attributes of this sign and a Gemini is quite capable of using this to impress, sell, negotiate and even manipulate should the need arise.

High-points of Gemini man-Gemini woman match

All the above characteristics of a Gemini make it abundantly clear that is a complex sign. While it is easy to be attracted to this vivacious and energetic personality and even to fall in love with them, it is quite difficult to be in a relationship with them. Quite difficult for any other sign, that is. This is because a Gemini is best situated to understand and appreciate each other. One of the most fundamental traits they share is a love of new places, people and interests. They will be happy to go for a movie today and then bob-sledding tomorrow. One will join in eagerly if the other suggests a short weekend vacation at a day’s notice unlike a Taurus or Virgo partner who would have been appalled at a rash and impulsive proposal.

Then again the communication skill of a Gemini is never idle chatter. Lurking behind that dexterous tongue is a mind as brilliant as it is curious. Geminis thrive on an exchange of ideas and opinions, soaking up information like a sponge and amazing others with the depth of their own knowledge. This is one of the main reasons why Gemini partners are ideal for each other. The Twins are not so much attracted by sensual passions or emotional connections when looking for a partner; they need someone to stimulate their quicksilver curiosity and challenge their nimble minds; and who better placed to do that than another Gemini. Intellectual companionship is what they are actually looking for in all their experimentations with

Finally only few signs will understand the Gemini’s need for personal independence in a relationship. A Gemini has the reputation of being one of the most commitment-phobic among the zodiac signs. It is very difficult for them to restrict their attentions and emotions to one sole person just as they can get quickly bored by following the same interest over a few days. Partners from a host of signs like the Taurus, Leo, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Scorpio will be completely unable to understand the Twins’ need for breathing space in a relationship and the freedom to be allowed to go and come as they please. To others this will only indicate an incapacity for loyalty but to another Gemini, this is an inherent expression of their freedom-loving personalities. Most of all in a mutual relationship, the Twins know there is no scope of jealousy and possessiveness; each is able to love freely and this in turn makes way for lasting love match between a man and woman of this sign.

Challenges to a Gemini man-Gemini woman love match

However there are some hiccups that a Gemini couple can expect in their way. Foremost among them will be a lack of trust in day-to-day affairs. One will never know when the other might decide to stay back at the office and put in some extra hours of work or extend a night-out with the guys/girls to a weekend out-of-town trip. As a result prior plans made by the couple could go haywire or the next day’s schedule thrown in disarray. The Gemini’s innate impetuosity might more than once spill over to a dangerous impulsiveness which will make it difficult for either to depend on each other.  While this might not seem such an issue when the two are simply dating, it could turn out to be a major hurdle in case both are sharing a house and a life which brings with it a routine to stick to.

Then again Geminis are infamous for their lack of consistency; the speed with which they are attracted to new interests and ventures is only matched with the alacrity they are able to disengage themselves from their current object of attention and move on to another. While this is exactly why Geminis can best understand each other, it could also make for extremely temporal relationships. Once the desire for novelty is satisfied, a Gemini partner might be raring to move on, unless there is something compelling enough to hold him/her back. As long as neither is looking for a long-term relationship this temporality is fine, but then with love you never know when it begins to demand much more.

In the final analysis, the love compatibility between two Gemini individuals is great. They will make for a fun, carefree and dynamic relationship. But more than that, they will provide each other a challenging and intellectual companionship that will ensure this partnership is a success in the long run as well.