Taurus - Aries Love Compatibility


Taurus and Aries are the second and first signs of the zodiac calendar respectively. Despite their proximity in position however, both signs seem far removed from each other as far as personality traits are concerned. Taurus is a fixed sign which is geared towards maintaining stability and is rather resistant to change. Aries on the other hand is a cardinal sign which has a natural bent for seizing initiative and forging ahead with their own plans and ideas. Then again each sign is ruled by a different element – the Taurus by earth which lends it rootedness while the Aries by fire which makes it energetic, egoistic and often hot-tempered. Finally the ruling plant imbues each sign with its own characteristics which in turn highlight their mutual differences. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty. And while at first thought, this seems somewhat curious, considering the rather stolid nature of the Bull, the influence of the planet actually extends to the
Taurus’ love for sensual delights and aesthetic luxuries. Mars is the ruling plant for the other sign because of which Aries thrive on strife and action and constantly needs to be on the move.

The above personality traits makes it apparent that Taurus and Aries is not the most compatible of love matches. The biggest potential for conflict lies in the passive and fixed nature of the Bull which might seem to act as a dampener to the enthusiasm and the restless energy of the Ram who needs to be where the action is. Then again an Aries is prone to having a large social circle composed of men and women usually attracted to his/her dynamism and impetuous charm. This might not go down well with a Taurus who is not only prone to jealousy but also given to a strong steak of possessiveness. However if both signs agree to be a little more adaptable, then the Taurus and Aries match can be one of the most fruitful; while a Taurus will provide a strong foundation to the relationship, an Aries will imbue it with fun and energy.

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Taurus Man and Aries Woman

Despite many overt differences in personality, a Taurus man and Aries woman can be instantly attracted to each other. When the two lock eyes with each other at a party, one will almost feel the air crackling with electricity. Both will be drawn inexorably to each other on the basis on their highly passionate natures. The only difference here could be that the female Aries will express herself with romantic ardor and sizzling energy while the male Taurus will drown his lover in sensual pleasures. In the end, lovemaking is likely to be a highly satisfying experience with one complementing the other.

The most serious obstacle to maintaining a relationship between a Taurus man and Aries woman is likely to be the divergence of ways of engaging with the world. Both are hard working and ambitious in their professional lives but whereas the female Ram needs to be in the heart of social action to feel truly alive, the male Bull would much rather spend his leisure hours at home. Also the Aries has a strong sense of individuality which is difficult for the Taurus to understand; to him a partner is someone to be possessed like one of his many status symbols like a luxury car or the penthouse.

The only way that the male Bull and female Ram can get along well is to be a little understanding of each other’s motivations. A Taurus guy might find to his surprise that he can actually enjoy if he gets out of his comfort zone every now and then with his partner. An Aries woman on the other hand will get away with much more if she remembers not to nag and push her lover too hard – he likes his little domestic comforts and once she ensures that he has them, he can prove to be a most loyal and indulgent lover.

Taurus Woman and Aries Man

The thing about the male Ram which probably caught the attention of the female Bull was the former’s brilliant mind and the ability to motivate people. This is because the earth element ensures that a Taurus woman is highly practical and appreciates those qualities which are geared to bring definitive material results. Thus despite an awareness of different ways of working, a Taurus woman will recognize and appreciate the fierce drive and potential for success that lies behind the restless Aries personality.

Yet another aspect which can be depended to be bring the female Taurus and male Aries closer is mutual sexual chemistry. The energetic nature of the Ram and the strong sensual nature of the Bull make both highly passionate lovers and sex is likely to be a mutually fulfilling experience.

However once the haze of passion clears, the Taurus woman might find it incomprehensible why her lover prefers the company of other men and women as much hers. She needs to understand that his gregarious nature is an expression of this extrovert and active personality and not because he is given to infidelity. In fact if an Aries is compelled to remain indoors or in the same scene for long, he will become bored and surly. The male Ram on the other hand needs to remember to keep his volatile temper on a leash. Even though Taurus men and women are usually quite patient with people they love, if bridled long enough, they are capable of exploding in a frightful temper. Also while female Bulls might not be as overtly egoistic as their male counterparts, the Aries tendency for frank opinion should be tempered down so as not to hurt their partner’s feelings. Different spending habits can also pose potential problems in the long run. An Aries tends to be extravagant and impetuous while spending money; a Taurus on the other hand likes to plan expenses like much else in their lives. However a love for the finer things of life prevents the Bull from being tight-fisted and event indulgent towards those they love which should suit an Aries partner just fine.