10 Non Fiction Books about Long Distance Relationships

All relationship requires investment in the form of time and effort to succeed. But long distance relationships demand a little bit more, based as they are on physical separation and limited availability of partners. If you find yourself struggling with the unique problems, that such a relationship brings, here are ten non-fiction books that will go a long way in providing both practical ways to make your long distance partnership work as well as a deeper and more positive understanding of your situation.

  1. Tell Me Honey...2000 Questions for Couples

    This book by Vikram Chandiramani is a giant list of 2000 questions that you can ask your partner. The biggest fear about long distance relationships is growing apart and having an emotional disconnect. Phone conversations become banal and boring and the spark is missing. Conversations are predictable and becomes less and less frequent. This book helps you keep your conversation interesting with open ended questions across 75 categories. It will help you continue to hold your sway over your partner from thousands of miles away. It's the one 'must-have' book if you're in a long distance relationships. It's been authored by the editor of Futurescopes.com. This book is available as a paperback from Amazon as well as an an instant download ebook.
  2. The Treasure of Staying Connected for Military

    This book by Janel Lange takes a look at military couples, one of the most significant segments of partners who are in long distance relationships. This book is especially geared to offer understanding to those couples who are not only subject to long separations but have to cope with the additional stress of military life.  The book includes several short, "real life" stories of couples growing through the tough times. Equally valuable are the comments from the author who is herself a Navy wife of 25 years and has a quarter of century’s worth of experience in presenting marriage enrichment programs. In fact the principles of nurturing a long distance relationship are so universal that even non-military couples stand to benefit highly from it.
  3. Maintaining Long-Distance and Cross-Residential Relationships

    This book by Laura Stafford adopts a scholarly approach to understanding long-distance relationships. She summarizes literature across the social sciences on various types of long-distance relationships and extracts themes and patterns across the relational types. With its interdisciplinary approach Stafford challenges commonly held assumptions about communication and close relationships which is why the book is ideal as a supplement for upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses in psychology, sociology, mass communication, and family studies. Apart from those who are in long distance relationships, the book should be useful to anyone interested in studying, teaching, researching, or counseling interpersonal relationships.
    Most impressive is the author’s expansion of long distance relationships beyond romantic relationships to include young children and parents, adult children and grandparents, peers, and computer-mediated relationships. In the end, Stafford offers not only a broader understanding of long distance relationships but also an expanded vision of relational maintenance.
  4. The Commuter Marriage: Keep Your Relationship Close While You Are Far Apart

    Author Tina B. Tessina in this book takes as her primarily field long distance spouses but her insights are really applicable to partners outside the ambit of marriage as well. The commuter marriage is a succinct description of increasingly larger phenomenon of marriages where spouses live apart due to professional reasons and meet up on weekends or vacations. This book covers relationships that begin apart as well as relationships that become geographically challenged down the line, in other words, relationships that are temporarily separated and those that seem to be in it for the long haul. Not only does this guide cover romantic issues, it touches on the practical ones as well. It deals with financial and care taking difficulties of managing two homes, issues with raising the kids, holiday schedules, visiting schedules and more.
  5. Loving your Long Distance Relationship

    Loving your Long Distance Relationship by Stephen Blake is available both in paperback as well as audio-book, the latter a great option for those who want to avoid the strain of reading. The book does not claim to offer psychological evaluation or even expert guidelines on how to manage a long distance relationship. Rather it is in-depth exploration of the emotional state that long distance lovers find themselves in. Using the author’s own perspective and borne out of his own experience, Blake offers practical tips on how to cope with saying goodbye again and again, why frequent letters, e-mail, and gifts work wonders, the key to preventing phone arguments, how long distance relationships differ for women versus men and even warning signs that your relationship is ending.
  6. Intellectual Foreplay: A Book of Questions for Lovers and Lovers-to-Be

    While this book by Eve Eschner Hogan written with her husband Steve Hogan does not set about to being a guide for long distance lovers, it does come in very useful for two very important reasons. Firstly by helping couples to evaluate each other’s beliefs, values, habits, desires, goals, likes, and dislikes, it lets them know whether they are at all suited for long distance relationships. Secondly for those couples who decide to give their long distance relationship a try or those who are already in one, the book is designed to spark stimulation and interest through intimate communication despite being physically separated. Along with questions that partners can ask each other, the book also covers tips for using the questions productively as well as guidelines on what to do with the answers it gives. This makes it useful in both creating and sustaining a relationship.
  7. Long Distance Couples: An Activities Handbook for Strengthening Long Distance Relationships

    Developed by the National Institute for Building Long Distance Relationships, this book includes full color photos of 365 creative and romantic activities long distance couples can use to help strengthen their relationships while they are apart. Thus instead of offering mere advice, the book scores over others by suggesting practical activities for partners which are both enjoyable and helpful in bridging the physical distance. Covering only 28 pages, this is a delightful and easy read for couples eager to strengthen long distance relationships.
  8. Loving Your Long-Distance Relationship for Women

    Written by Kimberli Bryan, this book comes with a foreword by Stephen Blake, author of Loving your Long Distance Relationship covered above. However the book by Bryan is special in the way that it deals with long distance relationship issues as they are specifically felt by women. They could be executives climbing the corporate ladder, students writing lonesome love letters and emails, thousands of women connecting daily from afar via Internet dating sites or even those associated with the glamorous entertainment industry who try to sustain a relationship while filming or performing in different locations.
  9. The Long Distance Romance Guide

    Writer Leslie Carsner is a well-known romance coach and in this book she seeks to bring together her years of experience in the field to come up with a guide that specifically caters to the issues and needs of long distance lovers. While mutual understanding and fidelity can be maintained by long distance lovers with some effort on their parts, sustaining intimacy is a bigger challenge because of the undeniable fact of physical distance. However Karsner offers proven strategies for keeping long distance love strong and goes further to offer practical suggestions to heighten the romance quotient like coming up with Care packages, Long-distance Lovemaking, Inducing dreams together and even tips, quotes, songs on this special kind of relationship.
  10. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Long Distance Relationships

    This is a light breezy take on long distance relationships but deals with its problems and solutions equally effectively. Writer Seetha Narayan has a Ph. D in philosophy and has herself been in a long distance relationship for seven long years. As such she offers not only tips on how to communicate with and remain close  to a partner who is thousands of miles away but also how you can negotiate your own social and professional contexts. The final chapter offers the reader on how to make the choice between continuing with a long distance relationship and deciding to be together.