Online Games for Couples in a Long Distance Relationship

Time was when couples in a long distance relationship could only depend upon mail to feel close to each other. But not anymore. The arrival of internet and mind-boggling advances in technology has now made it possible for long distance couple to indulge in a wide range of activities while they are connected virtually. And one of them is playing an online game. So the next time you are wondering how to spend some time with your long distance lover, try out these online games for couples.

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Yahoo Games

Yahoo Games has around thirty multiplayer games ranging from card and board games to word and arcade games. And best of all, these are all put under one category – Multiplayer – which means that you need not waste time by searching for multiplayer games among the whole lot. The link to Multiplayer games can be found on the homepage. Apart from the online versions of classics like Backgammon, Bingo, Chess and Chinese Checkers, there are also newer options like Naval Command, Toki Toki Boom and Reversi. For all you wordsmiths out there, there are the eternal favorites Scrabble and Litterati as well as a newer one titled Word Racer. Again if you feel like going back to the fun-filled games of childhood, you can invite your partner to a game of Monopoly, Go Fish or try your hand at a session of Dominoes.
Yahoo Games not only has a wide range of multiplayer games on its site but also provides Chat options for you and your partner to communicate while you are playing. Apart from all these there are tips on playing games as well as games trailers for you to keep busy with as you wait for your partner to join you.

Pogo is one of the best sites to find games that long distance couples can play online. Even though the site does not have the vast variety of Yahoo Games, it has a nice mixture of both the traditional favorites and newer varieties. If you and your partner ‘virtually’ cut a mean deck of cards, you can check out Spades, Cribbage, Euchre, Hearts, Bridge and Golf Solitaire. Again for those fond of board games, the site offers Yahtzee, Dominoes, Checkers, Backgammon and Monopoly. Scrabble features as the most notable word game where you can pit your vocabulary skills against your lover’s. For an even more exciting session, you can try your luck with several casino-type games like High Stakes Poker, No Limit Texas Hold’em and 6th Street Omaha Poker.

Second Life

This is by far the most popular MMORPG or massive multiplayer role playing game on the internet today. The game is a three-dimensional virtual world which the players create and where they can do pretty much anything they like. Users here are called Residents and they interact with each other through avatars. The game makes use of a free client program known as the Viewer.  Here you can go on a date with your partner, attend a concert or take a long walk. Again if you are interested in something more intimate you can make out with your lover in the virtual world and should you wish, even get married. Second Life has one of the most realistic graphics which mimic real life with amazing clarity and 3D images. However Second Life may require some serious downloading, especially if you want to go for the high-tech version. Moreover this is a mature game meant only for users above sixteen years of age and there is a separate section for teenagers and young users known as Teen Second Life.

Maid Marian is yet another gaming site which has several role playing games ideal for couples looking to do something on an online date. Even though not as flamboyant as Second Life and other MMORPGs, the Maid Marian group of games are convenient since they are free and don’t require a membership or additional downloads. You can choose to fight monsters in the Sherwood Dungeon, go for a lunar spin on Moon Base or play the original Tank Ball. Apart from the games there are virtual hang-outs like Club Marian and a fantasy island called like Marian’s World for you and your partner to explore.

Club Penguin

For some good old fashioned fun on an online game, you can check our Club Penguin. This is a cute game which has adorable penguins as the main characters and you can choose any one of them to play your role. Apart from lovable graphics, there are a whole lot of games you can play and things you can do on the site for an enjoyable evening.

Monkey Snowfight

If you are looking for a game which can be played only between two people, Monkey Snowfight is a good option. Here you can battle your partner’s monkey with snowballs and ‘nana’ bombs. Moreover the winner gets bonus points which allows them to stay longer in the game.

Guess You

Guess You is the modified, two-player version of the popular board game Guess Who. In order to play this long distance with your lover, you will need to use an Instant Messenger or the phone so that either of you can take turns asking ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions needed for the other to arrive at the correct answer.

Spiderman 3

Action themes might not seem the usual choice for couples’ games, but you can actually have a whole lot of fun in this one based on the popular superhero figure. Spiderman 3 is an arcade game where you can duel against each other and rake up points.

There are innumerable online games that couples can play even when physically separated from each other. All you need is a PC or a laptop and an internet connection. So the next time you are wondering what to do to feel connected to your long distance lover, invite him/her to a game and get ready to have some serious fun.