Do long distance relationships work?

A relationship with your girlfriend, lover or wife brings with it an immense sense of happiness, security and expectations. A hug or a kiss from your girlfriend or wife makes it easier to get back home from a long day at work. Sometimes a mere fragrance of your girlfriend's perfume can set your pulse racing! When everything is hunky dory, a promotion at work may require you to relocate to a difference place, to another city miles away from your girlfriend.

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How would you react if your girlfriend, who is well settled in her job is unable to relocate with you? Would you continue your relationship with her or just pack your bags to pursue your career?.

Relationships today are no longer synonymous with nearness or closeness. Long distance relationships between couples have taken a whole new dimension with more and more couples indulging in the same. The success rate in a long distance relationship largely depends on the emotional and mental strength of the couples.

Couples who are in such a relationship vehemently believe that all it takes is to rise above the shackles of distance, and that being understanding, trustworthy and faithful to each other can turn this kind of relationship into a successful one! The popular adage "Out of sight is out mind" may soon become obsolete, considering the alarming rate at which couples indulging in long distance relationship is rising.

Yes! A long distance relationship can definitely work as long as both the man and woman are determined to make it work. It is indeed difficult to keep a long distance relationship going. It's a path laden with more of downs than up, but like they say, true love will not succumb to the pressures of time or distance. The onus is on the couple to make it work. It is of utmost importance that the couple must be committed to each other and ready to sacrifice the joy of seeing each other daily.

If only mere proximity or distance was a resultant factor in a successful relationship, then there would be absolutely no scope for failed relationships or divorce in any country. One must remember that a face-to-face time does no guarantee success.

A couple staying in close proximity or living under one roof may not always enjoy a healthy relationship if there is no love, trust or commitment towards each other. Trust and honesty is something that both have to deal with to keep the relationship going, be it long distance or not.

If one of you intends to cheat on the other, irrespective of distance, the relationship is bound to fail.