Buying Gifts for Wine Lovers - Gift Ideas for Wine Connoisseurs


One of the surest ways to make your gift welcome is to choose them according to the interests of the receiver. And when your friend is a lover of the grapes or the grain – or both, it makes sense to present him/her with something that is related to the object of their enthusiasm. Here is an entire range of gifts and gift ideas that are assured to move wine loves to – pun intended! – high spirits.

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Books about wine make great gifts for wine lovers whether they are connoisseurs adept at naming the wine from a single sniff or amateurs still trying to figure out the reds and whites. There are many aspects about wine that interest people like what foods go with which kinds of wine or the various stages of wine making from the soil of the vineyard to the final swirl of the wine in the glass. Michael Broadbent's Vintage Wine--Fifty Years of Tasting Three Centuries of Wine, published in 2003 by Harcourt and priced at $35 continues to be a must-have for anyone interested in building a wine collection. At the same time newer books like What to Drink with What you Eat by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg make a useful guide for food and wine pairing.

Wine tags

What do you give someone who already has a cellar stocked with an enviable wine collection? Wine tags, of course. These are extremely handy in identifying a collection of liquor so that there is no confusing between a sherry and a Madeira or a vintage ’82 Pomerol and a much later Bordeaux red. There is a wide range of wine tags available in the market but if you intend your gift to stand out from the rest, choose smart silver tags from reputed makers like Scully & Scully, each of which can set you back by $40.

Wine glasses

Wine lovers never tire of saying that using the right wine glass is as important to the experience of drinking wine as using the right club in a game of golf. There is a particular size and style of glass for practically every kind of wine – flutes for champagnes, balloons for rich reds and tulip-shaped white wine glasses, to name only a few. So why not gift a set of wine glasses to a wine lover to enhance the Dionysian delight? If you have deep pockets, you could go for glasses in expensive crystal which could set you back by $65 a piece or else look for ones that go with a particular type of wine.

Wine clubs membership

Memberships to wine clubs make highly appreciated gifts for wine enthusiasts who can not only explore a variety of exceptional wines at the clubs but also have the convenience of doo-to-door shipping. What’s more, you can choose from a variety of clubs according to the type of wine your friend loves. For instance there are Red Wine Clubs, White Wine Clubs as well as association for Dessert Wines of the month and so on. Cost of membership to wine clubs range from $30 to $180.

Wine gift baskets

If you want your gift to be as well as look special, how about making a present of a wine country gift basket. These baskets include a selection of the choicest wines, cheese and chocolates. The best part of this gift idea is that it has a little bit of every good thing and hence works when you are not certain as to the kind of wines your friend prefers. Moreover they come in a wide range of prices – from $30 to $200 – and hence are convenient no matter how limited or extravagant your budget.  

Wine holidays or tours

A serious wine lover will love the opportunity of exploring a historic wine country whether on the continent or closer home. If you have a large budget, you could choose to gift your family or friend a French wine tasting tour which travels through the most famous vineyards of the country. Or else you could gift your friend a ride on the Napa Valley Wine Train which passes through the heart of California’s best vineyards and which offers a wide variety of rail, tour and dining packages. The train offers it guests delicious regional cuisine but the biggest attraction is its collection of exclusive wines.

Wine magazine subscription

If your friend is a serious follower of the latest trends and products in the wine market, you are unlikely to go wrong with a subscription to a wine periodical like the Wine Spectator. Such periodicals offer cutting-edge information of a variety of aspects of the wine industry. What’s more, they keep coming in for several months and do not get boring or out-of-date. For a one year gift subscription to the Wine Spectator, expect to spend around $50.

Bar accessories

If you know that your friend already possesses the most prized of Cabernet Sauvignons and Cognacs, what else can you gift him/her? How about adding on to their barware collection. You can choose from corkscrews to help open that prized bottle of ’82 Pomerol or a silver martini shaker to mix that perfect cocktail or even holiday-themed wine wear to keep things on the affordable side. Wine enthusiasts are always happy to receive bar accessories and you can choose from a wide collection, ranging from the classy to the trendy.

Big bottles of wine

If you know your friend is hosting a party or want to take something special to the one you have been invited to, why not go for a big bottle of non-vintage champagne. That way you – and your friends – would have a moral obligation to stick around and finish all of it once it is opened! A good choice for the holiday season would be a $269.95-priced double magnum of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label which at three liters is the equivalent of four bottles.

Finally what better present to give a wine lover than the choicest of fine wines? If your friend likes the reds soft and fruity, go for a Merlot or for a Pinot Noir if his/her tastes lie more towards the rich and voluptuous. For a lover of white wines, choose a pure dry Riesling from the river valleys of Germany or a clean and vibrant French Chablis. You are unlikely to go wrong if you stick to these classic favorites of wine enthusiasts around the world.

There are several gift options catering to the tastes and interests for wine lovers. So, whether you go for the traditional present or explore newer gift ideas, your recipient will surely appreciate the thought behind your gift if chosen with care and love. So raise a toast and let the good times roll in!