Benjamin Franklin once said ‘Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy’. That probably spells out, in a nutshell, what a good wine is all about: Bliss, pure bliss. What’s more, one of the marks of sophistication - besides impeccable grooming and good breeding - is to know your way around vintage wine specimens. So quite naturally, if you’re dating someone who mingles in high society and is a bonafide wine connoisseur - it’s best you arm yourself with some valuable information on the same.

One of the surest ways to make your gift welcome is to choose them according to the interests of the receiver. And when your friend is a lover of the grapes or the grain – or both, it makes sense to present him/her with something that is related to the object of their enthusiasm. Here is an entire range of gifts and gift ideas that are assured to move wine loves to – pun intended! – high spirits.

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