10 Best-selling Celebrity Perfumes - Buying Perfumes by Celebrities

Today the global perfume industry is worth at least $15 billion a year. Big business means big money which is why celebrities are happy to associate their names with a signature scent. This not only helps in the marketing of the product but also acts as an effective self-promotion tool for the celebrity. In recent times many perfumes endorsed by well known names in the entertainment industry have become popular with buyers across the world. Here is an account of the ten such best selling celebrity perfumes and what each of them has to offer the user. 

Luciano Pavarotti.

The world renowned opera singer has been credited with broadening the horizons of classical music and bringing in countless number of new fans to his art. Lending his artistic sensibilities to the sphere of fragrances, Pavarotti launched a range of perfumes from his designer house in the 1990s. Pavarotti for Women, launched in 1995, is an unusual blend of leather and wood while Donna is more feminine and delicate. Both perfumes are perfect for daytime wear. Among the Pavarotti fragrances for men, one of the best selling is the Luciano Pavarotti Cologne. Launched in 1996, this is an exquisite blend of aromatic tobacco and leather, underscored with a fresh woody aura.

Jennifer Lopez.

One of the hottest names in entertainment industry of these times, Jennifer Lopez brings her sensuality to a range of perfumes, the best known among which include Glow, Miami Glow, Glow After Dark, Live, Deseo and most recently My Glow. Launched in October this year, My Glow is inspired by motherhood since it was created during JLo’s pregnancy. The top notes in this perfume are lavender, water lily and freesia; the middle notes are composed of rose, peony and lily while the base is provided by sandalwood, musk and heliotrope.

Julio Iglesias.

According to Sony Music, this Spanish singer is considered among the top ten best selling singer in music history. Best known for his romantic ballads, Iglesias created a sensation in the 1970s and ‘80s. in 1989 Iglesias launched Only perfume for women which is a delicate blend of rose, bergamot, jasmine, sandalwood, musk and oakmoss. Much more sensuous in feel and Oriental in type is Only Crazy launched in 1994 which offers a blend of rich, warm spices and orange blossoms.


Celine Dion.

The world’s best-selling record artist joined hands with cosmetic giant Coty to launch her line of perfumes from 2005. The fragrance titled Celine Dion is a tantalizing blend of floral and fruity essences with the top notes being orange blossom, white peach and yellow rose. The heart is composed of cyclamen, lily-of-the-valley and red berries. The warm, sensuous whiffs of amber, sandalwood, musk and white woods make up the base notes. Celine Dion is a translucent and dewy fragrance, ideal for day wear but its fruity undertones make it apt for special occasions too.

Christina Aguilera.

Pop star Christina Aguilera’s new style of emphasized sexuality is reflected in the black lace covering the outer packaging as well as the flacon of her eponymous perfume. The bottle shaped in the figure of a woman’s body is a perfect container for the fragrance which is a seductive blend of classic florals like jasmine and exotic fruits of the tropics. The fragrance opens with notes of black currant and peach and then moves on to voluptuous whiffs of peony, plum, jasmine and lily-of-the-valley. The sensuous base is provided by musk, sandalwood and vanilla.

Shania Twain.

Popular country singer Shania Twain brings her warmth and energy to two perfumes named Shania by Stetson and Shania Starlight, both launched in 2007. Shania is basically a floral fragrance for women. Its delicate feminine aura makes it an ideal daywear perfume. Carlos Vinals was the creator of the fragrance and its major notes are honeysuckle. Pomegranate, freesia, raspberry and prairie rose.

Jessica Simpson.

Sultry actress Jessica Simpson launched her own brand of perfumes in 2008 with Fancy and this year she came up with Fancy Love. Both have been created by famous perfumer Alexis Dadier. Fancy is an exotic oriental fragrance with the rich notes of vanilla, sandalwood and amber providing the base. The mid notes are composed of jasmine, gardenia, almond and caramel which provide a warm sensuality. Fruity essences like Red berries, pear and apricots make up the top notes. Its successor Fancy Love is a much more piquant fragrance whose top notes Goji leaves, bergamot, peach blossom and aromas of pink champagne. The base notes are similar to its predecessor except for a heavier aroma provided by blond wood, patchouli and musk.

Victoria and David Beckham.

High profile couple Victoria and David Beckham bring their amazing chemistry into a whole range of fragrances for men and women. Intimately Beckham, Intimately Beckham Night, Signature and Signature Story come in fragrances for both the sexes and have emerged as top picks among celebrity perfumes.  For men there is also the Instinct range which comprises of Instinct, Intense Instinct, Instinct after Dark and Pure Instinct. These fragrances are aromatic blends of the fruity, woody and fougere. The range of perfumes for women are mesmerizing blends of the fruity and floral with aromas of musk, sandalwood and amber providing the   sensuous base.

Kylie Minogue.

A range of amazing perfumes for both men and women come from the design house of Pop sensation Kylie Minogue. Couture, Darling, Sexy Darling, Sweet Darling and Showtime were launched for women  while Inverse was marketed for the male users. Among these Sweet Darling has emerged as one of the best selling celebrity perfumes of this year. The fragrance is a floral and fruity blend with a more Oriental touch as compared to its predecessors. The top notes are freesia and passion fruit, the heart is boronia and cotton candy while the bases provides the sweeter aroma with gourmand vanilla and patchouli.

Mariah Carey.

Pop diva Mariah Carey first lent her signature to perfumes in 2007 with the launch of M. Since then her design label has come up with M Gold Deluxe Edition, M Ultra Pink, Forever and Luscious Pink. This year she launched the Deluxe Edition of Luscious Pink which has reached among the best selling celebrity perfumes this year. This is a more sensuous version of the romantic fragrance Luscious Pink. The newest fragrance opens with notes of bergamot, sea water and Bellini and then goes on to smell of Peony, lily-of-the-valley and Tiarre flower. The heavier base is made up of rich notes of sandalwood and musk.

These were some of the celebrities whose fame and artistic sensibilities have inspired the creation of a wide range of fragrances. While celebrity endorsement can push a product only so far, the best among them have unique blends of aroma and design which make them top selling perfumes in their own right.