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Ten best selling perfumes of all time for men

If you are looking for a romantic gift for your man, you are unlikely to go wrong with perfume. While colognes and deodorants are also popular choices when it comes to male grooming products, there is something about a perfume which makes it an ideal gift for birthdays, anniversaries and important occasions like Valentine’s Day. So if you have decided to pamper your guy with an amorous fragrance, here is a list of the ten best selling perfumes of all time for men.

Today the global perfume industry is worth at least $15 billion a year. Big business means big money which is why celebrities are happy to associate their names with a signature scent. This not only helps in the marketing of the product but also acts as an effective self-promotion tool for the celebrity. In recent times many perfumes endorsed by well known names in the entertainment industry have become popular with buyers across the world. Here is an account of the ten such best selling celebrity perfumes and what each of them has to offer the user. 

Ten best selling perfumes of all times for women

Every season of every year brings with it a flood of new perfumes for women. While some do succeed in creating a splash, most are lost in the maze of glossy print advertisements and celebrity endorsements. So whether you are interested in buying a perfume for yourself, looking for one to gift your girlfriend or simply checking out the perennial favorites, here is a list of the ten top selling women’s perfumes of all times.

Buying perfume can be a quite complicated affair even when it is for one’s own use. But choosing the right perfume for a lover or partner can baffle the most assured of buyers. There is not only different categories of scents to choose from but also decide what will go best with your partner’s personality and preferences. So here is a brief guide on what factors to consider when buying a perfume for the special person in your life.

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