Christmas Gifts for an Ex-Wife or Ex-Girlfriend


Choosing the perfect gift for a woman can be tricky at the best of times but when you are looking for something to give your ex wife or girlfriend, it can be downright nerve-wracking. The gift will have to be impersonal but not ironic. It cannot be cheap but at the same time you wouldn’t want to spend a packet on someone who probably left you. However it is possible to find a way out of all these complications. So go ahead and read the following tips on buying the right Christmas gift for a woman who once had a special place in your life.

Consider impersonal items

While choosing a Christmas gift for an ex wife or girlfriend it is best to be explore options that would reveal your best wishes for her without hinting at any amorous intentions. Go for items like handbags or laptop cases made from superior quality leather. Diaries, pen-cases and organizers are other smaller products in the same genre which would especially appeal to the professional woman. These exclusive gifts will reveal your discriminating taste without making them appear personal in any way. However if you feel that these are too formal and are only suited for corporate gift purposes, add your own special touch by having your ex’s initials engraved on a leather folder or choosing writing accessories in her favorite champagne shade - stay away from reds, mauves and pinks though even if you know that half the clothes in her dresser belong to this color spectrum. Such choices belie intimate knowledge of her private life and you don’t want to bring up your shared past without an invitation from the other person.

Keep away from intimate gifts

Even though perfumes make up some of the best gift ideas for women, personal use products are best avoided when choosing gifts for one who you are no longer with . The same goes for intimate jewelry, lingerie or adult games and toys. You don’t want your ex to think that you still have the hots for her. And even if you secretly want her back, it would never do to make your desire known so openly. There are other ways of getting back your ex but giving her an intimate present is not one of them.

Avoid gifts with unhappy associations

Gift options for an ex is usually not very difficult since you already have a fair idea of her likes and dislikes. Thus you know to steer clear from books if you are aware that your ex was never much of a reader. Instead you can present her with an annual subscription to a fashion magazine or go for travel accessories if you know her passion lies that way. However even as you use your shared past to your advantage, be cautious. When choosing a gift for an ex, avoid those items which may evoke unpleasant memories for either of you. For instance if she is fond of Impressionist art but lost one of her prized paintings in the divorce settlement to you, making a present of a Monet or book on Impressionist painting is going to rake up unhappy associations. Again you may want to present her with the latest recipe collection of her favorite cuisine, but if you had one of your worst fights at one such restaurant, maybe you should think of something else. So choose gifts which are in tune with her tastes but come with no baggage of the past.

Hi-tech gifts

These days gadgets are no longer the preserve of geeks; almost everyone has some use for an i-Pad, i-Phone or an Amazon Kindle. So think up of any electronic or hi-tech items that would make a good gift for your ex. You could buy a digital book reader if you know that she travels a lot or you could settle for the latest high-definition wall-mounted TV set if you are feeling particularly generous. What makes electronic items ideal as gift options to an ex is that they come in various types and budgets and cannot be mistaken for a deeply personal gift by any stretch of the imagination.

Be practical

Another type of gifts that work great for an ex-wife or girlfriend is the useful and practical. You can gift her a year’s supply of groceries from her favorite store which would save her the hassle of going out to stock up on supplies. Or you could try a state-of-the art cooking range if your ex is fond of experimenting with recipe. Getting her something practical like a gardening tool set will not only mean that her current partner will have nothing to object to, but will also mean ensure that the product will actually be used.

Make an extra effort

If you are on good terms with your ex, you may be willing to go an extra mile to indulge her tastes. If she is fond of ballet, you could use your sources to present her with invitations to an exclusive performance of Russian artists in your city. Again if know your ex likes to travel, how about gifting her a membership to a travel or hospitality club? However when making such generous gifts, be prepared to accept that she may enjoy them with her present partner and not necessarily ask you to accompany her when going out to an evening of Beethoven at a black-tie affair, even though you may have had to pull many strings to source the invitations for her.

A gift card is safest

If you have had a difficult break-up but now are willing to let go of the past, it is best to settle for a gift certificate or gift card as a Christmas present for your ex-wife or former girlfriend. This way you will be able to avoid memories of days when buying a gift for the same person was a happier experience and at the same time be able to move on to more cordial ties with your ex.

The most important thing to keep in mind when buying gift for a former partner is how your present may be interpreted by her. The best bet is to choose a gift that is practical and thoughtful of her tastes but not overtly personal. This way your gift will send the right message that though you have split, you are ready to move on and be on good terms with someone who once was an important part of your life.