Expensive Gifts for Women


Women love being showered with beautiful, expensive gifts and being pampered with expensive jewelry especially - diamonds, gold, silver, platinum jewelry. Jewelry can be as expensive as you want it to be. There are many websites online offering diamond jewelry starting from an affordable $100 and going upto hundreds of thousands of dollars. Jewelry for women, whether for daily wear or for special occasions, elegant or extravagant, antique or designer will usually be well received. You can choose from bohemian jewelry, designer jewelry, handmade jewellery, bangles, bracelets, earrings, pendants and necklaces. Gold, silver, platinum and pearl are other options. Find out if your woman loves large chunky jewelry or the small trinkets. Find out her preferences in metal and gemstones before you whip out your credit card.

TIP: Read how to buy a diamond ring for $20 and pay the rest later.

Luxurious gift baskets can be a good bet too.  Some other suggest expensive gifts:

1. Leather handbags
Handbags especially leather items are loved by women of all ages. Designer bag brands include Aviano, Michael Kors, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton etc.

2. Mink coats
Other items that make high dosage gifts are mink coats and premium lingerie. Mink coats are adored by women though environmentalists would strongly disagree. Mink coats, jackets, capes, hats, handbags and accessories are all available in natural colors as well as dyed shades. They can set you back by as much as $2000 USD for a genuine mink coat.

3. Premium lingerie
Lingerie is a very special and personal gift. From Victoria’s Secret to other premium brands, lingerie can be fun, pretty, romantic and attractive. Some well known brands include Paris based Aubade, French company Chantelle and Guia Le Bruna, Italian La Perla, Lyon based Lise Charmel, American Mary Green, English Strumpet and Pink.

4. Mobile phones
Mobile phones are favorites these days. Gizmos that come in various shapes and sizes, with features (Camera, music, video, e-mail) are particularly expensive gifts that will be loved by the woman in your life. Women love flaunting their mobile phones at all occasions. The Sony Ericsson Black Diamond, the Vertu Diamond, the Motorola V220, Nokia 8800 phone, Mobiado Professional EM, Samsung Serene and Gresso luxury phone are some of the more expensive cell phones available.

5. Apple Macintosh Computer
An Apple Macintosh Computer would be an ideal expensive gift if your woman loves computers or can't do without her laptop. She'll love its stylish contours as well as its versatile functions. Every Apple Mac comes with iLife, a suit of software that transforms your photos, music and video into all kinds of projects. You can make high quality websites, photo books, DVD’s, songs, slideshows, music CD’s, calendars, cards, podcasts, documentaries etc.

6. Caviar
If your beloved is a connoisseur of food and wine, caviar may well melt her heart. Caviar choices include Caspian sea caviar, American caviar, Iranian caviar, Sevruga caviar, Golden Ossetra caviar, Beluga caviar, Foie Gras etc.

7. Wine
A bottle of expensive wine can make for a good gift. Good wine that has been aged well and will tease her senses should be a winner.Chateau Margaux with blackberry fragrance and dating to1995 vintage costs around $400.Chteau Le Pin Pomerel of 1999 vintage is reminiscent of mocha and blackberry flavors and sells for around $900.

8. Art
For art afficinados, an expensive original oil painting will make a wonderful gift. If you have enough money to impress, an original antique or classic by the masters will be a wonderful gift but new and original artwork will also do if you pick the right one. Art can sometimes appreciate phenomenally in value over time. The $1000 painting you give her today may be worth a million dollars ten years down the line. You never know!

Antiques can make an expensive, classy statement. Be it a piece of Chippendale furniture or Faberge Easter eggs or Victorian furniture, Art Novae, Art Deco, Antique memorabilia, books, porcelain, pottery, glassware, coins, souveniers, jewellery, the more expensive, beautiful and rare, the more the gift will be valued. Antiques and memorabilia are sold in auctions on Sotheby's and Christies, regularly. Antiques are known to appreciate in value over time.

9. Designer sunglasses
Coming to modern tastes, a pair of sunglasses especially designer ones that are expensive will be coveted by the lady. A pair of Ray Bans has assumed status symbol value. Some other brands are Dolce and Gabbana, Prada, SkylonExp, Spyoptic, Mui Mui, Armani etc.

10. Designer apparel
Designer branded apparel are on every woman's list - from Guess jeans to Calvin Klein, Dolce and Gabbana wear, Tommy Hilfiger, Anna Sui, Versace,Valentino are the names of designers from Paris to Rome to London are catering to the needs of women to be pampered with beautiful clothes and accessories like shoes, bags and hats.

Be aware of the tastes of the recepient when buying something as personal as apparel or lingerie.

11. Expensive Perfumes
Expensive perfume for the love of your life makes for a thoughtful expensive gift. Brands such as Cinema by Yves St Laurent, Dolce and Gabbana, Christian Dior, Estee Lauder etc. are popular internationally. From fruity to flowery scents, there is a wide choice of exquisite scents to present your loved one.

12. Health spa
Another creative gift idea would be passes to day at a spa - complete with body massage and beauty treatment. Facials, massages, jacuzzis, saunas are all offered here. One of the best rated spas in the world is Chiva Som in Hua Hin, Thailand. Closer home are Milamo in Sedona, Canyon ranch in Tucson, Silverado in Napa, Mohonk mountain house, New York etc. Three night or five night spa splendor packages are available to rejuvenate the mind and body. Destination spas mostly cost about $200 per head per night. A top of the line spa like Canyon ranch Lenox can cost about $600 per head per night.

A few tips

While giving your gifts remember a few things. A thumb rule is that never buy anything which comes with a handle. This really means that you must avoid all utility oriented products, irrespective of how expensive they are. Get something which she may have always wanted but never felt like spending on. Buy garments in her size. If you buy apparel or innerwear, make sure it's her size and something she's comfortable wearing. Be imaginative and spend time deciding what yo buy. Ensure that you get the gift wrapped well. If possible make the delivery a surprise.