Ideas for Romantic Birthday Presents for your Girlfriend


All women like to be pampered, especially on their most important day of the year. And if it’s your girlfriend who has her birthday coming up, ensure that you get her a present that exudes romance and makes her feel special. Here are a few ideas to get you started on the hunt for the perfect romantic birthday present for a girlfriend.

Say it with flowers

No woman, no matter how old or young, can resist the charm of flowers. You are sure to light up a woman’s special day if she receives a wonderful bouquet from you. If it is for someone you are close to, you would probably know what her favorite blooms are and that would make it easier to choose from a variety of flowers. Alternatively you can always pick a bouquet from an online flower shop and have it delivered to her place. However don’t forget to accompany the flowers with a personal note written in your own hand as this final touch is bound to make all the difference.

A whiff of heaven

Perfumes have always figured as among the most sought-after gifts by women. However before choosing a perfume as your girlfriend’s birthday present, find out a bit about her preferences. There are all kinds of fragrances – heavy, light, floral, fruity, woody, aqua and so on. Choose one that goes best with your beloved’s personality and she will be delighted at both your gift and thoughtfulness.

A night at the theater

If the woman you wish to make a birthday gift to is a lover of the performing arts, why not present her with tickets to a show she would love to watch. . If your lady is fond of opera, you could gift her two front row tickets to Wagner’s the nutcracker prince or if she enjoys the theater, you can choose from Shakespeare or Miller. Or perhaps she is more into music and would prefer to go to a piano concert or a lively Broadway performance. Take her out to her favorite show and she is bound to have one of the most memorable evenings of her life. And if you can throw in a backstage meeting with the artists, so much the better.

A time to pamper the self

What woman does not like to spend a lazy afternoon, pampering her body and soothing her senses? Gift your lady a session at the spa of her choice and it will much more to her than yet another trinket or a bow-tied hand blender. And even if your girlfriend can well afford a spa session on her own, your thinking up such a gift idea would go a long way in impressing her and who knows she may also ask you to accompany her. Whether you are ultimately invited or not, she is sure to have a luxurious time at the spa and is bound to come to you with a glowing look and a happy smile. However if your girlfriend is short on time or not comfortable going out to a spa and being treated by other people, you could also gift her a range of beauty and bath products. These would include beauty lotions, bath salts, aromatic oils and soaps and would make a wonderful excuse to indulge oneself.

Get creative

Then there are some women who seem to have everything and these are among the most difficult to choose a gift for. If your girlfriend belongs to the ranks of these, how about making her something that could never be duplicated in the market? If you are the artistic type, gift her a painting that you have made. Or if you can wonders with wood and a chisel, why don’t you make her a jewelry box in which she can keep her pearls and emeralds. Don’t despair if you don’t seem to have an artistic vein in your body. Think of something you are good at. Like if you’re a techie, why don’t you gift your lady her very own website with the latest interactive features.

Traditional with a twist

If these ideas seem a lot of hard work to you, maybe you should stick to a traditional present. Choose from jewelry, books or painting but personalize the item so that the gift is both romantic and special. For instance if you plan to gift her a diamond brooch, have the letters from both your initials intertwined into a floral design. Or if you happen to know her favorite poet, have him sign a copy of his latest collection of verse and then gift it to her. This way it will be easy for you to find the perfect gift and at the same time, it will be unlikely that she already has it.

Music for her ears

It is hard to come across a person who does not like music. So if you are looking for a birthday gift to charm your girlfriend you are unlikely to go wrong with a CD album of her favorite songs. And what’s more if you are on a budget, you could download her favorite songs yourself and made a present of this – the end product would not only be this would not only be affordable but exceedingly romantic as well. Find out her tastes in music if you are not aware already. Look for the latest chartbusters if she likes keeping up with contemporary trends or if she is a lover of older rock and roll, she might appreciate albums of Elvis Presley or the Beatles. Choose from the soulful rhythms of jazz, the earthy lyrics of country music or the fantastic sounds of techno-pop.

Away to the land of dreams

If resources are not a problem, why not take your lady love to a place where she always wanted to go? The perfect destination would of course depend on the kind of things she enjoys doing. If she likes to explore different cultures and cuisines, how about a trip to Mexico or India. On the other hand, if she would like to escape the chilly winters of the north and sunbathe on the beaches, a tropical vacation would be just the thing for her. If your girlfriend is an adrenaline junkie, gift her a scuba-diving or bungee-jumping trip. Let her choose the destination and the time. Remember this is your gift to her so let her decide where and when to go and for how long. Also let her pick the hotel, the sights to see and the cuisine to order. Your only constraint is your budget and perhaps there is no harm in letting her know how deep your pockets run. She will be happy just to plan the vacation and have it her own way.