Gifts For Women - Suggested gifts for women


Every one of us loves to be loved…and appreciated. Just to hear a simple thank-you or ‘you mean so much to me’ feels great. Hearing words of gratitude or love are a gift in itself. But the real McCoy never hurts! We all have a little child in us that loves the surprise (or even the predictability if it’s on our birthday!) of receiving a gift. The beauty of the wrapping, checking out the size, seeing if it rattles and trying to guess what’s inside!

Gifting a woman something can prove nerve-wracking if you’re trying to make an impression,or rewarding if you’re just gifting your mom something to show her you care. With the array of options to choose from, one is spoilt for choice.

Whether you have a shoestring budget or have the luxury of a big spend, it is worth trying to suit the gift to the recipient. If it's something she really needs, and best of all, likes, it makes it really worth the trouble and the effort. The joy on her face is reward enough!

Whichever gift you choose to get for the special woman in your life, don't forget to send flowers to her. Flowers are a time-honored tradition in the man-woman relationship and with good reason. They're a tribute to a woman's beauty and charm and you'll be surprised how many points you score for this one thoughtful act! She may say..."Oh Jack/John/Bill, you shouldn't have"..but don't be fooled for a minute! She's glad you did send her those roses! Choose from the florists shortlisted by us, with bouquets beginning from $29.

Let’s check out some other gift options:

1. Jewelry

Ranging from costume jewelry to silver, platinum, rhodium and gold, the list is endless, based on the funds at your disposal. You may choose something to go with an outfit you know she has, or a neutral, timeless ornament that can be worn with anything, anywhere. You could gift her a necklace, pendant, earrings, bangles, bracelet, or a ring. In fact, if the occasion is a seventh anniversary celebration, you could gift her a bracelet with seven charms, each symbolizing something significant in each year of marriage, like the year you bought your house, had a baby, etc. You could even gift her a charm every day in the week leading up to your anniversary and leave her guessing, finally presenting her the bracelet on your anniversary.

2. Clothing

Most women feel they never have enough outfits, be it for work, social occasions or even the gym. If you gift her an outfit, moreover in a shade or style she doesn’t already have, she’ll be over the moon. Often you’ll immediately hear her say, "Oh I love it, I’m going to wear it to work tomorrow / to the party on the weekend." Do keep in mind a style that will suit her. For instance, if she’s on the bigger side, choose darker colors or an A-line style that will complement her and make her look slimmer. If she’s got a great figure, look for tighter fits that will enhance her look. Try and have her size or her measurements readily available or at least ensure you don’t buy something at a sale unless you’ve checked that it can be exchanged if necessary.

3. Accessories

Like never before, accessories are playing a major role in enhancing an outfit. Add a dash of glamour to a simple pair of denims and a white shirt with a really cool leather belt. Or add to her eveningwear accessory collection with a designer clutch purse. Or even a trendy but utilitarian bag to carry to the office. Make it a little roomy to store the million little things that women love to collect!

4. Watch

From the delicate to the funky, watches are cool gifts for a lady. From leather strapped, to bracelet types, oval dials or gold embellished, you know the kind she may be keen on so go ahead and treat her. Try and get one that has a warranty of at least one year.

5. Lingerie

From the sexy to the practical, women’s innerwear has unlimited options. It’s a very popular gift between lovers but do get the size right. It’s really not ideal to be holding up your hands and saying ‘this much’ or ‘that big’ when the salesgirl tries to help you out! Or even worse, to run your eyes over her and say, "She’s about your size!" Women love to receive lingerie from their partners. There’s something very sweet about the idea of those masculine hands going through delicate scraps of lace trying to unearth the right gift!

6. Beauty treatment

If you’d like to pamper your woman, you could gift her a massage or a spa session or even a beauty package, which may include a facial, manicure and pedicure. She’ll be thinking good thoughts of you while she’s enjoying the soothing treatment.

7. Kitchen products

If she’s the domestic kind and takes pride in her culinary skills, gift her something that she will use and enjoy. Maybe a cookbook of Thai cuisine that she’s never experimented with or an appliance she’s wanted to buy. You may be lucky enough to be invited to a good Thai meal!

8. Knick knacks

There are a variety of curios or ornaments to choose from if you know she’s house proud or redecorating and you know she’d really like something you’ve spied. Scented candles, artfully packed potpourri, crystal, fluted glasses or china...the list is never-ending.

9. Gadgets

While most women aren’t normally gadget freaks, items like cellphones and I-Pods are very popular though only meant for those with bigger budgets. Other options are electric shavers or hair dryers.

10. Soft toys

If you’re dating or looking for a ‘just to say I’m sorry’ or ‘find you really cute’ kinda gift, soft toys are an ideal option. They’re not hard on the pocket and yet they're mushy enough to convey the message. There aren’t many women who don’t melt with the universal appeal of a cuddly teddy saying, ‘I love you’.

11. Work of art

If she’s the arty kind, gift her a painting or even a sculpture which she’ll really appreciate. You must have an idea of her preference though, as after spending a fair bit you should have the satisfaction of knowing she’ll be happy to display it.

12. Framed!

If you’ve just entered a serious relationship or even have kids, a picture of the two of you together or even of the kids, in a fancy crystal or gold frame, would look good sitting on her desk in the office or on a shelf at home. If it's a picture of the two of you together and you’re still dating, she may see it as a good sign of the relationship assuming a more permanent footing.

13. Magazine subscription

Gift her an annual subscription to 'People' or a new magazine/publication that you think she might like. It could be on fashion, society or just something fun to read!

14. Books

If she’s a bookworm and loves to curl up with a good book, get her one on the bestsellers list. Ensure it’s up her alley, though.

15. Perfume

This one’s always a safe bet. Go for something delicate, flowery and subtle. If you have the resources, get a really good one. Avoid overpowering scents.

16. Personal care products

There’s a range to choose from here. You could get a gift pack of shampoo, conditioner and mousse. Or moisturizer, lotions, shower gels…

17. Cosmetics

If you’re a woman gifting another woman cosmetics, it’s fine. But guys please get help on this one. The array can leave you gasping…lipstick, blush, compact, eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow…and then there’s the right shade to choose!

18. Chocolates/ desserts

If she’s got a sweet tooth, this one’s a cakewalk!

19. Beachwear

If she’s a beach bum or loves lounging around the pool, she’ll surely love having another bikini. Choose from flowery, fluorescent, tie-ups, high cut, or just conventional.

20. Shades/ Sunglasses

Gone are the times when sunglasses were just a practical way to shield your eyes from the sun. They add the glam quotient to your persona and one pair isn’t enough. Keep in mind the shape of the frame and the color so that it complements the lady in question.

21. CD / DVD

Gift her the latest music, keeping her favourites in mind, whether it's classical, instrumental, blues, rock or jazz. Or maybe her pet serial’s latest season or even a movie you know she’ll enjoy.

22. Bottle of wine/ liqueur

If she loves a full-bodied wine, indulge her senses!

23. Tickets

If she’s an opera aficionado or loves classical music or the theatre, gift her tickets to a local performance that you think she’ll appreciate.

24. Manicure set

If she doesn’t already possess one, this is a practical and handy gift.

25. Monogrammed shorts

There are some cute, silky shorts doing the rounds with messages like ‘I love you’ or ‘Cute’ written on them.

26. Coordinate with her best friend

In case she hasn’t had a chance to meet her girlfriend in a long time, organize a meeting for her and foot the bill.

27. Voucher

If you’re really confused what to get her, leave the choice up to her. Get her a voucher and let her make the decision!