Wedding Night Gifts for the Bride

The first night after your marriage is one of the most special in your life. It is a night pregnant with love, desire and sweet hopes for the future. However the thought of falling short of expectations when your wife opens your gift for her is enough to send any new groom breaking into a sweat. Here are a few gift ideas for your bride on your wedding night.

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Put a sparkle in her eyes

Jewelry remains the most popular wedding night gift for a new wife from her husband. What bride will be able to resist the sparkle of a pair diamond earrings or the charm of a blood-red ruby pendant! If you are aware of the kind of jewelry – sleek contemporary designs or classic precious stone settings – your bride prefers, so much the better. Even if you don’t have much dough left after getting her a wedding ring with a diamond of the size of an egg, there are plenty of affordable options around. You could get your bride a set of earrings and pendant in pearls or have a lovely silver ring engraved with both your initials. Make your gift as creative as possible like giving a pair of earrings to match her wedding band or going for a bracelet which allows a person to add a bead or pearl for every year of marriage until you reach 10 or 25 when the piece of jewelry is complete. The best part of jewelry is that it rarely fails to click as a gift and so if you are still uncertain on the eve of your wedding day about what would please your bride, head for the nearest jewelry store.

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The written word

Don’t ever underestimate the significance of written word for women. A “To My Bride On Our Wedding Day” card or a beautiful hand-written letter expressing your feelings at the start of your wedded life can mean the world to your wife and what’s more she is sure to cherish it years after your marriage. If you are aware of her literary interests, you could even present her with a collection of old or contemporary romantic poetry which she could re-read years later and think of your wedding day. Make your night extra special by reading out a favorite romantic poem or passage from the book and let the emotions evoked take their course.

Say it with flowers

Yet another deceptively simple but extremely thoughtful gift for your bride on your wedding night could be flowers. You could lay a single, long-stemmed rose on the pillow with a loving note or surprise your bride by filling your honeymoon suite with flowers. Remembering to highlight your wife’s favorite bloom could earn you valuable brownie points and what better way to begin your married life!

The fragrance of love

Perfume remains yet another dependable gift for a bride on her wedding night. Choose a fragrance which is sweet and sensual without being too heavy. A floral-fruity blend with top notes of rose, jasmine or orange blossom and underscored by base notes of musk , sandalwood or vanilla would be perfect for a night of wedded bliss. Some perennial favorites which would be appropriate for the occasion are Stella from the design label of Stella McCartney,  White Diamonds from Elizabeth Taylor or perhaps Joy from Jean Patou if you are feeling really generous.

A keepsake for your memories

Look for something that would help your wife to store the precious memories of her married life. A photo album could start with pictures of your wedding and then go on to include photos of your honeymoon and every anniversary of your marriage. A memory box could serve a similar purpose, holding memorabilia that reminds you of a life together and romantic moments spent with each other. The best part of such a gift is that it would never grow out of fashion or get stale but be romantic and relevant for your entire married life.

Get naughty

Surprise your bride with some sexy lingerie on your wedding night and watch how her blushes put the red roses to shame! There is a whole range of attractive innerwear you could choose from but it always helps if you are aware of her preferences. For instance some women may have a thing for white virginal lace while others may be turned on the look and feel of red satin. Go for wild fantasy costumes only if you are certain if your wife will appreciate them or else stick to lingerie that is sensuous but safe.

For a night of intimacy

You could also put together a gift basket which is sure to appeal to her passionate side. Include aromatic candles, massage lotions, a bedside book on love making techniques, bath salts, bubble bath and a mini massager. If you are sure of your wife’s preferences, you could even put in racier items like edible body frosting and other novelties for sexual play. The best part of this gift is that even you will be able to partake of its variety and set the dice rolling for a night of intimacy.

Take her away

If you want your gift to be a really memorable one, why not surprise your bride with bookings for a luxury cruise or skiing vacation in the mountains. However this idea might need some planning since your wife will already be expecting to leave for your honeymoon. To prevent her from guessing your gift, plan your wedding night at a nearby B&B or a resort and then surprise her with the tickets. Also, if she wishes to discuss honeymoon destination before the marriage, tell her it’s a surprise or better still throw her off guard by mentioning a run-of-the-mill destination. The real trick is to make sure the honeymoon is a really exotic or luxurious one since only then will she appreciate it as a wedding night gift.

These were a few ideas on what every new wife would love to receive from her husband on the wedding night. While particular choices may vary from one woman to another, the secret to finding the perfect gift lies in picking up cues from earlier conversations and sticking as close as possible to her preferences. So Congratulations on your wedding and all the best for a wonderful night ahead.