Wedding Night Gifts for the Groom

After the last of the congratulations die down, it is time to enjoy some peace and quiet with your brand-new husband. A wedding night is so very special since it is the first chance to love each other as a married couple. Make the occasion truly memorable by giving him the perfect wedding night gift.  Some ideas to help you along.

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Raise a toast to the beginning of your married life by giving your husband a bottle of his favorite spirit. If you are in an exceedingly celebratory mood, give him a bottle of vintage champagne from one of the most renowned houses like Don Perignon and make sure the two of you open it on your wedding night. Or if you want your husband to cherish the gift, go through the trouble of choosing one of the best reds from Bordeaux. However if your pockets don’t run so deep, a non vintage champagne or more affordable wines like a Cotes-du-Rhone-Blanc would do just as well. If you are aware of your husband’s taste in spirits may be you could present him an exclusive brandy like Cognac or liquors in various flavor. Whatever it is, you are unlikely to go wrong with fine spirits if your husband is a lover of the good life.

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Immerse him in the fragrance of your love

A perfume remains one of the most popular wedding night gifts from a bride to her husband. You can choose from a huge range of brands, fragrance blends and prices. Let your choice be guided according to the personality of your spouse. Go for woodsy or green blends if your man is fond of the outdoors or a citrusy-spicy aroma if he is social and outgoing. Since it is a wedding night gift, stick to fragrances which are sensuous and musky without being too heavy. Some good choices for the occasion would be Armani Code for Men or John Varvatous.

A book of Romantic verses can be an incredibly thoughtful wedding night gift for the well-read man. Here too, you have a huge range of works at your disposal, starting from sixteenth century to contemporary writing. If your man is taken by Elizabethan passion, gift him a specially bound book of Shakespeare’s Sonnets or if you want to make your feelings felt on this special occasion, why not take recourse to poems by Elizabeth Barret Browning. Again if modern poetry is more your husband’s cup of tea, W.B Yeats has some amazingly lyrical and romantic verses which are sure to set your hearts aflame. Finally don’t forget to write down a romantic note for your husband on the title page.

Make your wedding night extra special by putting together a romantic gift basket. Include all that will send your spouse soaring on the wings of sensuous delight like a Massage cream, French Vanilla Crème Body Soufflé, sweetly scented candles, bubble bath and a compact massager. The best part of this gift hamper is that not only your husband will be able to luxuriate in the various items but even you can lend him a ‘helping’ hand with all the sensuous goodies.

Put a sparkle in your husband’s eyes by giving him some classy men’s jewelry on your wedding night. You could browse from a wide range of rings, cuff-links, bracelets or tie-pins to decide on what would be perfect for your man. If you are feeling particularly extravagant, go for a solitaire diamond ring from Cartier or cuff-links in platinum. There are many affordable options too, like going for silver-plated jewelry or setting in semi-precious stones. Better still, try to be creative with your gift, like presenting your husband with a pair to cufflinks to go with his wedding band or customizing the bracelet by getting it engraved with both your initials.

Match his interests

Granted a gift for the wedding night should be sensuous or at least romantic, but there are many men who will be equally delighted with something after their own heart. So if your brand new spouse is a high-tech fan, look for a Canon digital camera to take your photos or the latest iPod Touch which he can show off over your honeymoon. Again if your husband is fond of collectibles, present him with a sterling silver plated photo frame or a richly enameled memory box to store cherished memorabilia of your married life. Even if he is more of an outdoor person, give him a membership to his favorite golf club and don’t forget to tag along as leaves to practice his putt on a Saturday afternoon.

Get ready for a naughty night with your spanking new groom by giving him a game for adults. There is a whole range of board or card games to choose from which could not only set the stage for an exciting wedding night but also liven up a rainy evening indoors many years later. Twister for couples and strip poker are some all-time favorites but you could also choose from those that make innovative use of chocolates or body frosting. And maybe you could throw in a Kamasutra book for free. Only remember to keep your partner’s preferences in mind and don’t go for stuff that he may be uncomfortable with.

Gift him a vacation

Your husband may have already planned out the honeymoon and made the required bookings, so if you want to gift him a vacation, it should be something that would be open for another year or six months at least. Membership to a travel club is a good idea so that you both will be able to take off once the hassles of housekeeping or stress at the workplace get too much to handle.

While traditional favorites like perfumes and jewelry remain safe bets, more and more couples today are opting for gifts that are practical but special at the same time.