Gifts for weddings

Personalized wedding gifts

Guests usually have a range of items to choose from when deciding on a wedding gift. As a newly married couple is usually setting up home, they can choose from a wide variety of china, dinnerware, glassware, furnishing, linen, etc.

What adds that extra special touch though, and sets the gift apart, is when it is personalized. The personal touch comes by way of monogramming the couple’s initials on particular items, which lends a classy touch to the gift.


Wedding gifts – giving and receiving them-is one of the traditional and fun aspects of a wedding celebration. Some tips and etiquette on the giving and receiving of wedding gifts…

Giving of gifts…tips for the guest

Sometimes it may so happen that you will have to exchange or return wedding gifts. When and if the occasion does arise, what does etiquette dictate you do?

Exchanging gifts…

After the last of the congratulations die down, it is time to enjoy some peace and quiet with your brand-new husband. A wedding night is so very special since it is the first chance to love each other as a married couple. Make the occasion truly memorable by giving him the perfect wedding night gift.  Some ideas to help you along.

The first night after your marriage is one of the most special in your life. It is a night pregnant with love, desire and sweet hopes for the future. However the thought of falling short of expectations when your wife opens your gift for her is enough to send any new groom breaking into a sweat. Here are a few gift ideas for your bride on your wedding night.

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