Romantic gifts for your husband


There’s always a big deal made out of men gifting women thoughtful, lavish or romantic gifts. But there’s no reason why the men should be left out. And especially not if the man in question is your partner for life – your husband. You could buy him one of many things that any guy needs or surprise him with flowers, but the idea is to make him feel special. And you can only do that if you put some extra thought into it and make your gift unique.

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Here are some suggestions especially from a wife to her husband, to show how much you care for him...

1. Personal masseuse

You could take a course in how to administer an effective massage. And then let him reap the benefits of it. Use some scented oils and make it an out-of-body experience!

2. Personal chef

Cook your husband's favorite meal and lay it out with the appropriate settings. Add candles for effect or if you think a candlelight dinner is too clichéd, then make it different. Set up the meal on a blanket in your yard so you can eat under the stars, or a table for two in your balcony, where you can enjoy the fresh air and experience a different atmosphere, weather permitting of course.

Serve up his favorite alcohol/wine and for dessert, the eternal romantic special - strawberries and cream – the latter whipped up and slathered liberally over both of you! You don’t need any suggestions with what should follow, do you?

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3. Leather wallet/office bag

What’s romantic about that, you say? Add a romantic touch to it by hiding unexpected treats in the different compartments and pigeonholes: for instance, little love notes, coupons for kisses to be redeemed before a certain expiry date, souvenirs or tickets you’ve saved from days when you were courting, with a reminder of what it stands for, or even a mushy card telling him how special he is to you.

4. Something he needs

You could gift your husband something he has been intending to buy for himself but hasn’t had the time - a pair of running shoes, a wristwatch, a fishing rod if he’s in need of a new one, etc. But for it to be romantic, you need to spice it up and personalize it. For instance, with the shoes, you could attach a gift card saying, "Worship the ground you run on"; with the wristwatch you could say something mushy like, "Time for a little lovin", or dangle a picture of you at the end of the fishing rod with the message, "You got me - hook, line and sinker!"

5. Sexy lingerie

Well you’ve heard this one before, but it still has amazing results. Don’t just buy the traditional black because everyone talks about black being sexy. Buy something that really suits you and makes you look appealing. It doesn’t only have to be lacy lingerie, experiment with your nightwear too - a chiffon negligee or a sexy, silk nightgown.

6. Sex toys

Most men are always happy to experiment with something new and while this doesn’t fall into the ambit of traditional romantic gifts, it will surely make your husband feel special – that you cared enough to go into a sex toy shop and choose something naughty. And if you really want to get kinky, you can always buy a little extra gear and cultivate the dominatrix look, handcuff him to the bed and subject him to a wicked time!

7. Tickets to a drive-in

Take your husband to a nice, romantic, mushy movie playing at the closest cinema or drive-in. That’s not all - neck like you did when you were teenagers or just dating, or whisper naughty suggestions of what you have in mind for him later. Better yet, drive him wild by acting blind and running your hands all over his body as if you’re discovering it for the first time!

8. Modified magazine

You could buy your husband a naughty magazine and make a few cosmetic changes by sticking pictures of your face over the faces of all the hot models in provocative poses! If you can’t be a pinup model or a Playboy bunny you can at least aspire to it in your own unique way and keep him entertained in the process!

9. Commercialized romance

With an attempt to do something different, there are many commercial romantic gifts available that you could resort to if you don’t have the time to get up to something more creative. There are various options like romantic board games, computer games or items like Message in a Bottle, which come with personalized or inspirational messages of your choice in a fancy bottle.

10. Go green

If your husband has a green thumb, gift him an unusual plant. And who said that receiving flowers was a woman’s prerogative? If you’re going in for the unusual, giving a man flowers definitely falls in that category. Enclose a meaningful message and tell him if the flower you have chosen has special significance – the ever-popular red rose signifying true and lasting love or a more unusual selection like a peony, which indicates happiness in life and marriage, or pay him the ultimate compliment by telling him what the tulips you have chosen indicate – that he’s an amazing lover!