Gift Ideas for First Marriage Anniversary

It seems only yesterday when the two of you took your marriage vows and now it is a year already. Apart from all the celebrations and parties that need to be planned, there is also the matter of what to gift your spouse. Here are some first wedding anniversary gift suggestions which are sure to delight your spouse besides creating some wonderful memories of your special day.

The traditional material for first marriage anniversary gifts is paper. The idea behind paper as the material for first wedding anniversary is perhaps to symbolize both the delicacy of a marriage which is still in its formation stage as well as the strength of the relationship that is akin to the interlaced connections of the paper’s individual threads. So if you are thinking of going the traditional way on your first marriage anniversary, here are some gift ideas for your beloved.

  1. Ticket-based event

    Look for a ticket-based event to gift your spouse but make sure it is something that he or she enjoys. If your beloved is a movie buff, buy the tickets to the latest blockbuster, have them nicely gift-wrapped and then present it to him/her on your wedding anniversary. You could similarly gift tickets for a play, an opera, a rock concert, a nature tour, an adventure or regular sports event or a salsa night at your local nightclub – in short for anything that is your spouse’s favorite recreational interest.
  2. Bible

    If your spouse is religious-minded, a Bible can be one of the most meaningful gifts for him/her. Take a look at the which not only has Gospels in different languages and versions but also tailor-made for different personalities like the Bible for Sportsmen as well as those made with custom covers and imprints. You could buy one of the latter and have them embossed or imprinted with a loving message of your own.
  3. Knick-knacks of paper

    Personalized knick-knacks of paper can also make wonderful first marriage anniversary gifts. You could buy a diary, a calendar or a letter-pad from lovely hand-made paper and personalize them with a romantic message of your own. Or if your partner is the fun-loving sort, you could also print funky messages or colorful cartoons on paper-based gift items. One website which offers a vast range of such personalized items is from where you can choose those made of paper.
  4. Romantic memorabilia

    A romance memorabilia tracing the journey of your relationship from the first date to you first wedding anniversary may be the perfect gift for a spouse who is the sentimental sort. Put together a memory basket with love letters, cards, old receipts of restaurants where you may have dined together or tickets for movies you may have watched during your early dates.

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  5. Books

    Books are one of the most cherished gift ideas for couples who are celebrating their first wedding anniversary. Your choice in books will undoubtedly depend on the kind of reading your spouse enjoys but at the same time explore options within the genre of romance, like love poetry, romantic fiction, real-life love stories or even a book of inspirational marriage quotes. If resources are not a problem see if you can get first editions or author-signed copies for your spouse to give that extra-special touch to your present.
  6. Journal about the first year of marriage

    You could even gift your spouse with a journal of the first year of your marriage. This would make for interesting reading with many details which may have already begun to blur in his/her kind. Go easy on the less flattering bits about your spouse though, since this is an anniversary gift and you don’t want to spoil his/her mood.
  7. Plan a picnic

    If you want to celebrate your first anniversary outdoors, a good idea would be to plan a picnic at a park with paper cups and plates. And if you have some of these left over from your wedding reception, so much the better!
  8. On the other hand if you are thinking of stay put in your own home this day but minus the crowd of friends and family, you could make a fun gift to your spouse with a paper treasure hunt. Leave clues in the form of paper hearts or paper stars all over the house, leading to the final treasure point which is of course you and all your lovin’.
  9. However if your spouse values practical gifts above all else, buy a major stock in a company that he/she may have been eyeing for some time. Have the stock certificate put in a classy frame and gift it to your partner on your first wedding anniversary.
  10. Finally make a set of love coupons listing special treats like a sensuous massage, a private strip show or even a batch of love cookies. Gift them to your spouse but with a warning that these need to be redeemed within a limited period of time.
  11. While paper is the traditional gift material for first marriage anniversaries, many couples are now going for the contemporary practice of gifting a clock. If this suits you and your spouse as well, you may think of gifting him/her an ornate time-piece or a stylish sun-dial. Again if your spouse likes pottering about in the kitchen, you could think of getting him/her a kitchen timer or an egg timer.
  12. The traditional gemstones for first wedding anniversary are pearl and peridot and the metal is gold. Get your beloved a gold locket or a white gold anniversary ring. If you have some time to spare, you could also browse for lovely pieces in pearl and peridot at specialty jewelry stores.
  13. The flowers associated with first wedding anniversaries are pansy and orange blossom. Pansy is in fact derived from the French word pensée meaning thoughtfulness or remembrance. So a bouquet of pansies to your spouse of your special day would be a lovely way of letting her know how deeply she figures in your thoughts. Alternatively an arrangement of orange blossoms as a gift for your beloved would symbolize love, fruitfulness and fertility in a marriage. 

Gift suggestions for first wedding anniversaries are thus wide-ranging, both in variety and budget. However it is best to go by your spouse’s interests to find the perfect marriage anniversary gift for him/her on this special day.