Fourth Marriage Anniversary Gift Ideas

By the time you and your spouse are about to set foot in the fifth year of togetherness, you have seen quite a few ups and downs in your marriage. And yet despite all challenges, your love has blossomed and ripened, much like the traditional gift for fourth wedding anniversaries – flowers or fruits. Here are a few gift suggestions for your spouse on the traditional theme.

  1. Anniversary bouquet

    Flowers still remain the most expressive way to declare your love for your spouse. And what better way to get the message across than have your beloved wake up to the colors of a gorgeous anniversary bouquet on this special day. There are so many ways you could make this traditional practice exciting – for instance, leaving for work early without wishing your spouse but then returning a few minutes later, dressed as the delivery guy for the bouquet! Or perhaps having them delivered to your spouse’s workplace where he/she will be congratulated by all the co-workers and even envied by some. While you could have the bouquet arranged in your spouse’s favorite blooms, another idea is to choose a simple selection of geraniums – the traditional flower of fourth wedding anniversaries – which will lend an even deeper significance to your gift.
  2. Potted plants

    If you want your wedding anniversary gift to keep blooming over a longer period of time, an ideal gift would be a potted plant. Get a hardy flowering plant like a cactus for a spouse who is not particularly keen on gardening and will barely remember to water it every two days. On the other hand if your beloved has a green thumb, there are any number of potted plants you can choose from, depending on whether they bear flowers or only foliage, are seasonal or perennial and whether suited to the indoors or outdoors. Bonsais of flowering or fruity trees  will be particularly appreciated by such partners.
  3. Gardening accessories

    For those partners who love gardening, fourth wedding anniversaries are the right time to prepare a wish-list. There are a huge variety of gardening products and accessories that your spouse might enjoy like gardening gloves, implements, gift certificates from a seed catalogues, bulbs of flowering plants or subscription to gardening magazines.
  4. Perfumes with floral fragrances

    Perfumes with floral and fruity notes are yet another perfect gift idea based on the traditional theme. While It is easier to come across and choose floral scents for women based on notes like jasmine, rose, lavender, grapefruit and mandarin, even men’s fragrances can have hugely appealing traces orange blossoms, neroli, lemon, green apple and clary sage flower . However in the end, it is best to be guided by your partner’s personality and preferences since perfumes are a matter of highly individual choice.
  5. Floral decorations

    Various knick-knacks like candles, mantelpiece ornaments, cushion covers, paper-weights or glass coasters – all in floral patterns – can make for interesting gifts on your fourth wedding anniversary, especially for a partner who likes redoing the house and changing decorations every now and then.

  6. Bath accessories

    For a more intimate appeal, you can choose to gift a set of bath accessories like bath bubbles, bath salts, loofah, shampoo, floating candles, all in floral or fruity scents. The best part about this gift is that you can enjoy it as well, should you decide to or get invited to climb into the bath with your beloved.
  7. Gift basket

    If you want to follow the traditional theme for fourth wedding anniversary gifts and yet include enough variety in your present, a good idea is to put together a gift basket with assorted items like fruit-flavored candies, gums, floral scented sachets, pot-pourri and anything else that you know your partner is fond of. A gift basket of candies, chocolates and gums in fruity flavors would especially be welcome to a spouse with a sweet tooth.
  8. Jewelry

    Jewelry is a perennial favorite as far as wedding anniversary gifts are concerned. For your fourth marriage anniversary, you can choose to surprise your wife with pendants and rings in floral designs while husbands can be pampered with cuff-links and bracelets in the same pattern. If however you want to give your present a deeper significance, you can choose similar designs in blue topaz or blue zircon which are the gemstones traditionally associated with fourth marriage anniversaries.

For a contemporary take on fourth wedding anniversary gifts, you can choose to present your spouse with an appliance. The exact product would of course depend upon your spouse’s interests and hobbies. For a husband who likes whipping up exotic dishes in his spare time, kitchen appliances like a bread maker or rice cooker might come in handy while a wife who is fond of decking up, a hair dryer with fancy attachments and settings could make a cherished gift. Again for couples with a practical bent of mind, household appliances like vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, heaters, humidifiers may be more welcome than gifts with a purely sentimental value. The thing with appliances as gifts is to be sure that it is something a spouse really wants and not an underhand means of satisfying your own cravings. If it is the latter, reconsider or you could end up hearing about for the whole of next year.

On a superficial level, flowers/fruits and appliances may seem strangely dissonant wedding anniversary gifting conventions. However the values that the traditional and modern practices stand for - sensuality and practicality respectively - are both essential to make a marriage whole and fulfilling in all aspects.