Thirty-fifth Marriage Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you are one of those lucky couples who are about to complete three and half decades of marriage, make your anniversary a fit occasion to celebrate all these years of being together. One of the most exciting ways you can do this is by choosing the perfect anniversary gift for your spouse.

The traditional gift on thirty-fifth wedding anniversaries is coral, an apt symbol of the beauty and rarity of such a long marriage. Biologically, corals are actually marine organisms of soft polyps and it is the skeleton of a species known as Corallum rubrum that is the source for the precious gemstone famous for attractive shades of pink and red. Since the red coral reserves have been subject to mindless exploitation, today they are put on the endangered species list and are protected by law in most places. This makes finding gifts of genuine red coral a difficult, not to mention an expensive proposition. However here are some popular as well as creative gift suggestions in coral or coral-inspired themes for your thirty-fifth wedding anniversary.

  1. Art

    Owing to its intense red coloration and glossiness, red coral has been harvested since antiquity and used to make sculpture and figures in various cultures. Chinese sculptures are some of the best known artifacts in coral. However owing to the restriction on its large scale harvesting and trade, coral is today mainly carved into miniature figurines and ornaments. If your budget allows you to consider these, browse through high end jewelry stores, antique stores or auction houses. If on the other hand you believe in saving the environment, look for similar artistic objects in imitation coral which are usually made by natural glass paste, plastic, wax, conch shell and marble calcite. Small beautifully carved pieces like figures of animals, fruits and flowers, book ends, coasters and vases in coral-like materials can make for ecologically-safe as well as traditionally themed thirty-fifth anniversary gift.
  2. Coral jewelry

    While precious coral can occur in a wide range of colors like white, orange, blue, gold and even black it is the intense red and pink varieties which are of the highest grade and thus most expensive. As women’s jewelry, coral is mostly used in necklaces, pendants, brooches, rings and ear studs. Men’s accessories which can have coral settings are cuff links, money clips and tie pins other than rings. If you wish to buy genuine coral but find jewelry beyond your budget, you could look at coral beads which are retailed loose at many jewelry stores. At the same time you can also consider synthetic coral for gifting that anniversary ring or elaborate pendant to your beloved. This is because they are not only far more affordable than the gemstone but good quality synthetic corals are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing to non-experts besides being available in a range of attractive shades like delicate salmon pink to ox blood-red.
  3. Coral-themed travel

    If you are wondering how to make your thirty-fifth anniversary gift traditionally relevant and still throw in something for your own pleasure as well, how about booking the two of you to a coral  harvesting destination? You can choose from Italy and Japan, the seas around which still produce the best quality coral. Other destinations also famous for their coral reserves are the Mediterranean countries, Hawaiian Islands, Philippines as well as parts of Australia. And whether or not you can come back with a few pieces of the precious gemstone, you can be sure of enjoying the sun, sand and the sea since the marine nature of the material places the destinations in proximity with some of the best honeymoon beaches in the world.

  4. Gemstone

    The modern material for thirty-fifth marriage anniversary is jade, a semi-precious gemstone that is usually found in attractive shades of green but sometimes in white as well. Jade has been used in China for the last six thousand centuries to carve exquisite figurines and decorative items and the ones in a clear emerald-green color are prized the most. The best quality jade comes from Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, while almost three quarters of the gemstone is mined in British Columbia and smaller quantities in Russia, Taiwan, United States and Guatemala. Sculptures from real jade can be quite expensive and are most likely to be stocked only at exclusive jewelers, antique and lifestyle stores. However if your budget does not extend to buying objects d’ art in real jade, you can look at good quality imitations of the stone which have been carved into artisan sculptures, decorative teapots, pipes, serving trays, coasters, vases, table lamps or picture frames. Imitation jade is usually made of glass, plastic and any other stone like dolomite marble or translucent quartz which are permanently dyed in jade colors.
  5. Jade jewelry

    Unlike coral, mining of jade is not severely restricted by law and therefore the gemstone is used in a large range of affordable jewelry. Jade looks particularly attractive when set in rings, ear studs, brooches and pendants. Men’s accessories like cuff links, key rings and tie pins can also be highlighted with jade. However if you find genuine jade jewelry beyond your budget and at the same time wish to steer clear of synthetic materials, you could also go for jewelry set with stones which are similar to jade in color and at times even in their mineralogical composition. Some such stones are the  New Zealand Greenstone or ‘pounamu’, Serpentine also known as Olive Jade, Prehnite, Adventurine Quartz, Grossular Garnet known as ‘Transvaal Jade’ as well as Chrysoprase which is commonly called Australian Jade.
  6. Popular culture

    Apart from the gemstone, Jade has several kinds of references in popular culture which offers multiple gifting possibilities on your thirty-fifth anniversary. You can buy apparel in jade colors for your spouse or even browse through products of various clothing labels like Lily-Jade, Jade Corporate, Lady Jade and Lucky Jade if any of these are available in your city. Alternatively you could gift your partner a potted jade plant or jade bonsai which is in fact believed to encourage prosperity according to feng shui beliefs. Again if your partner is a movie buff, you could rent or buy DVDs of significantly titled films like the erotic thriller Jade or a Woody Allen comedy, The Curse of the Jade Scorpion and gift an evening of movie watching to your spouse, replete with hot popcorn and a chilled drink.

Finally the whole idea is to have a good time on your thirty-fifth wedding anniversary and gift something to your spouse which like the iridescent colors of coral and jade will add beauty and love to your lives.