Creative Ways to Celebrate your Wedding Anniversary

A wedding anniversary comes only once a year which is why couples wish to make the occasion as special as possible. But celebrating this wonderful day need not mean that you have to do what every other couple does or spend pots of money. Here are a few creative ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary and build up a store of happy memories for a long time to come.

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Head for the outdoors

If you are lucky to have good weather on your anniversary, what better way to enjoy it than by answering the call of the wild. Choose an outdoor activity that both of you enjoy and leave with a picnic hamper. Most adventure societies and adventure tourism centers have facilities for couples of all ages. If you both are water-babies, then try snorkeling or scuba-diving. On the other hand, if the phrase ‘adrenalin junkie’ describes you best, get your rush from rock climbing or even bungee jumping. However if your tastes are more sedate, going for bird watching tours or swimming in the pool with dolphins can be an incredible way to spend an anniversary.

Host an anniversary pot luck

Entertaining family and friends can not only be expensive but can even get quite stressful. This may spoil a day which should be happy and fun-filled for the special couple. A better idea is to have guests over for a potluck lunch or dinner on your anniversary so that each of them brings over a few rounds of drinks, appetizers or desserts while you as the chief hosts, provide the main courses. You could add a special touch to the event by making it a theme party. A Caribbean theme for instance would have tropical foods and drinks with the calypso keeping the guests on their feet with its pulsating rhythms.

Check into a health resort

A wedding anniversary is the perfect excuse to pamper yourself as a couple. Spend the day at a health resort and make use of all the in-house facilities. Indulge yourselves in the spa, get a Swedish massage and have a scintillating time in the Jacuzzi. After you have had your fill of the rejuvenating treatments, check out the bar or the restaurant for some tasty treats. If you going the whole hog, sample the delicious health food recipes and wind off the evening with a quiet drink as you hold hands and watch the sun go down.

Indulge a hobby

Try to think of all the interests that drew you to each other in the early days of your relationship and revive the magic by doing something exciting together. If it was the love of theater or music that brought you together, decide to spend your anniversary attending an amateur theater workshop. On the other hand if you had met in the museum or art gallery, see if there is a one-day refresher course for couples. Or if you both are connoisseurs of wine, book into a wine-tasting tour in the Napa valley or perhaps a wine-appreciation event closer home. The whole idea is to choose an activity you both love and indulge it to do something out of the ordinary on your special day.

How about the amusement park

Having fun together is essential to remain happy as a couple. And what better way to have a good time than by sampling the delights of an amusement park. Hold on to each other as you whoosh your way down the hair-raising rides or laugh at the weird shapes reflected in the magic mirrors. Take turns at all the games and win a teddy for your honey. Alternately check out theme-based parks like Lego-land which has attractions based on the ever-popular game, Sea World with its wealth of marine life or Hershey Park which calls itself the “sweetest place on earth”. While these venues are more popular with kids, they can make an equally enjoyable option for couples looking to have a carefree and fun-filled wedding anniversary.

Stay at home

Shut out the sound and fury of the outside world and soak in the pleasure of each other’s company on this special day. Let your kids spend the night at a relative’s or friend’s place and then lock the door and turn on the answering machine. Create a romantic atmosphere by building a fire in the fireplace or lighting aromatic candles. Put on some soft music, pour the wine and raise a toast to your marriage. After a while cuddle together and talk, sing, watch your wedding or honeymoon videos or pore over wedding albums. Don’t worry about the kids being alright or about cooking dinner. When you do get hungry, have something delivered at your place or go out to grab a bite at the nearby pub. Let this be an evening of relaxed romantic pleasures instead of hectic and expensive things to do on an anniversary.

Volunteer for a cause

A hugely fulfilling way to celebrate your anniversary could be to volunteer jointly at some community service. It could be at a school for underprivileged children with special needs, at an association working for the environment or at an animal shelter – any cause that you both believe in. Your time and effort spent here will not only benefit others but leave you with a deep sense of satisfaction at having made a difference – in however a small way.

Rope in the kids

Most wedding anniversary ideas leave the kids out of the picture. However in many cases, it might not be easy to find a sitter on a short notice. So if your kids are above five, why not make use of their enthusiasm to have a truly creative anniversary party! Ask them to lay the table and decorate the party room as best as they can. If they are older, they could even pitch in with preparing the dinner. After the preparations are over, act as a special couple – which you are – whom they have to attend to. let them do things like opening the door as you come in, handing over the ‘menu’ and helping you to choose the ‘specials of the day’. Your kids will feel special and included and best of all, you will all feel closer as a family.

Wedding anniversary celebrations need not always be about the best and most expensive. With these creative ideas, you can keep away from the herd and yet feel truly connected to your spouse on your special day.