Gifts for anniversaries

As you get ready to celebrate three years of marital bliss, one of the topmost thoughts in your mind is sure to be about what to gift your spouse. Fortunately there is a wide range of gift conventions, both traditional and modern, for the third wedding anniversary and you should have no trouble in settling on the perfect gift for your partner.

The first of the milestone wedding anniversaries, the tenth is a wonderful occasion to celebrate your love and commitment for each other. As you usher in a decade of being together, choose from the following gift suggestions to present your spouse with the perfect token of your love and loyalty.

Tin and aluminum are the traditional materials for tenth marriage anniversary gifts. The malleability and durability of both metals can be conceived as appropriate symbols for the two basic qualities – adaptability and strength - that a marriage needs to survive this long.

It seems only yesterday when the two of you took your marriage vows and now it is a year already. Apart from all the celebrations and parties that need to be planned, there is also the matter of what to gift your spouse. Here are some first wedding anniversary gift suggestions which are sure to delight your spouse besides creating some wonderful memories of your special day.

Four decades of marriage is no mean feat. And as you and your spouse celebrate your fortieth anniversary in the midst of children, grandchildren and long-time friends make sure that your better half knows how much he/she is loved and cherished by you even after all these years. One of the ways to do this is by making your spouse the perfect fortieth anniversary gift and here are a few suggestions to help you along.

One of the milestone wedding anniversaries, the thirtieth is a celebration of three decades of love and commitment shared by a couple. If you are among these lucky ones, go the whole hog by planning a grand anniversary party and buying the perfect anniversary gift for your spouse.

The history of specific wedding anniversary gifts is hazy but the practice most likely originated in Medieval Europe where wives completing twenty-five or fifty years of their marriage were given a silver or golden wreath respectively. Over time this practice led to a list of materials typically associated as gifts for successive wedding anniversaries.

Now that you are well into your second decade of marriage, you must be wondering how to celebrate yet another anniversary with something that you have not done before. The secret of course lies in the kind of shopping you can do on this occasion because of the exquisite nature of materials which form both the traditional and modern gifting conventions for twelfth wedding anniversaries.

Unlike the tenth or twenty-fifth wedding anniversaries, the thirteenth is not considered a milestone anniversary. And yet any occasion which marks the growth of two people’s love for each other is worth celebrating and what better way to do this than by exploring various gift ideas for your spouse.

One year ago, on this day, you decided to say, "I do". It is a day to reflect on all that has happened in the year gone by and to be thankful that you are together. You may decide to celebrate with friends or just spend some quiet time together. Whatever you choose to do, make it memorable, after all it is your first anniversary!

Surprise your partner with a beautiful bouquet of the freshest flowers, first thing in the morning on your wedding anniversary.

After having crossed the first of the milestone anniversaries last year, you must be wondering how to celebrate your eleventh wedding anniversary. Add to that the thought of measuring up this year’s gift to the gorgeous ones from your tenth and you know you have a major concern at hand. Here are a few eleventh anniversary gift ideas which would work equally well for the traditional as well as the modern theme.


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