How to Send Flowers Anonymously


Flowers make great gifts, whether the intended recipient is a man or a woman. And while they can signify volumes of feelings, they are at the same time pretty, sensuous and quite affordable when compared to other favorite gifts like perfumes and jewelry. However one of the most exciting ways of gifting flowers is to send them anonymously. So whether the flowers are intended to surprise a spouse, woo a secret love, or support a friend, here are some easy ways to send flowers while ensuring that your identity is kept unknown.

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Consider what to send

Now that you have decided to send flowers to someone, try to think of what kind of blooms would appeal to this person. Apart from catering to their aesthetic sense, knowing about the recipient’s choice in flowers also helps to avoid an unpleasant response like maybe an allergic reaction. If you are planning to surprise a spouse or a friend, then this is easy since you probably already have a fair idea of what their favorite blossoms are. However if you want to send the flowers to a person you secretly have a crush on or an extra-marital flame, then this could be tricky since you cannot outright ask the person about their favorite flowers or later they would be putting two and two together and your identity as the sender may not remain a secret for long. So be as discrete as possible when trying to find out a person’s choices in blooms as you plan to send flowers anonymously and don't want to tip off your object of desire.  If you absolutely have no clue, go along with popular selections like red roses, pink gerbera or even orchids for an added element of exotica.

Choose your florist wisely

However the most important step when you send flowers anonymously is to choose the right florist. You can settle for a small, local florist or you can go with a national chain. Either way, flower delivery companies these days are willing to accommodate clients’ requests like anonymity. However you must double check with whatever company you’re using. This is because a company may claim to follow a stringent privacy policy but may also bungle up later by contacting the sender and thus inadvertently revealing information that he/she bought flowers. This is what happened to a resident of Texas, Leroy Greer who after having sent flowers anonymously to his girlfriend was discovered by his wife when the florist sent a ‘thank-you’ note 1 to his home. The wife retaliated by asking a hefty alimony and Greer in turn sued the company for violating their privacy policy, which states that customers can ask not to share personal information with "third parties." So whether you intend to buy the flowers from a small florist or a large company, make sure that they completely understand your request for confidentiality and there is no ambiguity in following through.

Settle the deal with a person

One of the advantages of choosing a large national flower delivery chain is that they have both an extensive network of delivery locations as well as a wide choice of products. But before you are tempted to settle for the security and reputation of a larger company, make sure to visit the FAQ page or call the company’s customer support line to ensure they do anonymous delivery of flowers. Also insist on speaking to a customer support representative personally rather than closing the deal with an automated response system, answering machine or outsourcing staff. It is better to speak directly with the company staff so that they understand exactly how you would like to have your flowers sent. Even if you intend to go with a local florist, make sure that the card doesn’t have the sender’s information, or that there is no revealing receipt of any kind that comes with the flowers. Don’t forget to remind the florist that you not only want to send the flowers anonymously but intend to stay that way. Specifically ask the florist not to reveal your name or address even if the recipient of the flowers calls to ask.

However recognize the fact that sometimes some flower delivery companies cannot guarantee a water-tight privacy clause. It may be against the company policy or they may have had a bad experience in the past. There is little that you can do here except for looking elsewhere. There are many florists who deliver flowers without naming the sender and you are sure to find one that is appropriate for your needs.

Don’t leave a paper or electronic trail

If you are particularly concerned about keeping the purchase and sending of flowers a secret, pay in cash rather than by your credit card. This will help you avoid leaving an electronic trail, one that can be picked up by someone who has access to your credit card accounts. Even after you pay in cash, dispose of the receipt of the flower delivery company as soon as possible so that anyone going through your personal effects does not chance upon them.

Keep everything legal

Finally remember that it is always a good idea to stay on the right side of the law. Sending anything malicious or detrimental to the physical or emotional wellbeing of the recipient can be construed as harassment. And while it seems almost impossible that flowers can carry such a message, stalkers have been known to send unwanted gifts like flowers to their victims. So be careful of the context of your delivery since despite your request for anonymity, a florist has grounds to release your identity should any law-enforcement authority request it.

And all said and done, the best part about sending flowers anonymously is revealing the secret at the appropriate moment. So by all means surprise a friend or partner with flowers but don’t shy away from taking credit for the lovely gesture when the timing is just right.