10 Advantages of Not Getting Married

Marriage is often represented as the ultimate goal of a relationship. However, if you are having second thoughts about proposing or accepting one from your partner, perhaps you are still not sure if marriage is the right thing for you. Go through the following 10 advantages of not getting married and then decide if single is how you want to be.

  1. You can keep putting yourself first.

    This is perhaps top advantage of being single which essentially means that you don’t have to take into account any other person’ feelings and priorities before taking a decision. This may be as mundane as choosing the color of your bedroom walls or as major as deciding on where to buy a house. Long married couples often do not realize it but the act of considering how a partner would respond almost becomes a part of their subconscious thinking process.  When you are single, you are free to live your life as you wish without having to worry it is alright with a spouse.

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  2. You can be fully committed to your career.

    Very often career decisions are shaped by what would or would not be convenient for a marriage. Spouses may turn down promotions because it means more frequent out-of-town trips or pass over the chance to move to a more professionally rewarding position in order to avoid relocating. For those who have worked very hard to be where they are, to be compelled to compromise on one’s career decisions can be very difficult and even depressing. The situation becomes more relevant in case of women who are often expected to put their careers on the backburner in order to take care of the home and family.

  3. You can have the social life you want.

    Marriage brings with it an entirely new set of people along with a spouse. You suddenly find yourself being expected to mingle with his/her family, friends and co-workers, whether you very much like it or not. At the same time, in a marriage you are expected to check with your partner, if it would be alright to have a few friends over to watch football or have a night out with the girls. Being single means that you are free to socialize with whom and how you want.

  4. You don’t have to worry about kids.

    Deciding whether to have or not have kids can be fraught with complications in a marriage. Partners may disagree on when and where to raise a family even if they both want to have kids. Moreover, having kids comes with a whole package of responsibilities, expenses and demands on time and it could be difficult for spouses to agree on how to share those. Traditionally it was the woman who was expected to put her career on hold in order to be a wife and mother. Even though fathers are much more involved in the child-rearing process now, it still means coping with major responsibilities and the resulting stress can even jeopardize a marriage.

  5. You are free to enjoy your leisure.

    Any free time in a marriage is a misnomer. Instead of bringing respite from work, weekends turn out to be the days when you simply have to get through the list of pending domestic chores like piles of laundry, vacuuming the house, stocking up on kitchen supplies and even having your partner’s co-workers over for dinner. On the other hand, someone who is single can actually enjoy the weekend by lying in, relaxing with a drink, listening to music or doing some shopping.

  6. You can travel where and how you want.

    Traveling becomes so much easier when you are unmarried. You not only get to choose where you really want to go instead of faking your enthusiasm for a destination which holds no interest, but more than that what you want to do once you get there. Those who believe in the literal meaning of taking a break don’t have to be rushed about scuba-diving, visiting museums, dining on local fare, shopping for ethnic jewelry and pub hopping all in one day. At the same time, more adventurous individuals can actually make use of a vacation to do the things they want to, instead of lying in the sun the whole long day which they could have done on the front lawn of their homes anyway and needn’t have been traveling for.

  7. You can organize your household routine as you want.

    This boils down to the fact that being single allows you the luxury of choosing when exactly you want to do the dishes. You could do it after finishing dinner or you could do it the next morning. It is entirely up to you when and how you want to complete your chores without anyone reminding you for the thirteenth time that you still haven’t taken out the garbage.

  8. You need not disclose your finances.

    One of the most common reasons why marriages go bad is because couples are unable to work out money issues. If you are single, all that you earn is yours and no one expects you to share the fruits of your hard work with anyone. Moreover you can choose to spend your money exactly as you wish, whether on entertainment, investment or indulging yourself and nobody gets to judge you.  This freedom to earn and spend money is one of the most empowering feelings in humans and there is little that is worth exchanging it for.

  9. You are not tied down to one person.

    Marriage, apart from limiting choices in lifestyle and work decisions, also ties you down to one person. In a social system where monogamy is both the law and the norm, you cannot explore choices in relationships. And if you do opt for a divorce to end an unhappy marriage, the emotional and financial costs of the legal process of separation can leave you drained out.

  10. The TV remote is well and truly yours.

    Finally nothing beats the feeling of power that comes with having the TV remote in your hands. You can flip channels at will, without the need to explain why you have the attention span of a two year old. Or you can watch a particular episode of Friends for the seventh time, without having to defend your fascination with Rachel and Roz’s off-on love life.

Many of the disadvantages of being married may be common to couples living together as well. However the feeling of not being bound by law or personal expectations is the biggest blessing of being single from which all other advantages follow.