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Pennsylvania has long been at the center of American history - It was here that the "Declaration of Independence" was signed, the epic Battle of Gettysburg was waged and much of the steel for the Allied military forces was produced during World War II. in recent times though the focus of the economy has shifted to finances and the service industry which is responsible for making Pennsylvania one of the top draws for successful entrepreneurs and professionals from all over the country.

People living in Oklahoma vouch for the varied economic and cultural opportunities that the state offers as well as the overall high quality of life. And if you are looking to meet and date rich singles in particular, the Sooner State is a good place to begin your search.

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From the water activities of its lakes and rivers, to the rolling hills and farmland, Ohio is a state that is rich in scenic as well as historic and cultural attractions. But more than that it has a thriving economy, having led the nation in business attractions and expansions in 2009, according to Site Selection magazine1. So if you are interested in taking your love life several notches higher, the Buckeye State can prove a gold mine of opportunities.

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Located in the Midwestern region of the United States, South Dakota is traditionally not thought of an economic powerhouse. However that the state is making big strides is evident in the 2013 CNBC rankings of America’s Top States For Business – a list that the Mount Rushmore State has topped1. this apart from its scenic locales and wealth of recreational options makes South Dakota a great place to look for successful singles.

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Due to its long history as a center of the cattle industry, Texas is associated with the image of the cowboy. However with the oil boom of the early twentieth century, Texas was able to shed its Wild West tag and emerge as one of the biggest economies based on industry and technology. the state now enjoys a diversified economy which has made way for high-earning professionals as well as successful businessmen. so if you are looking to meet and date rich single men, the Lone Star State may be just the place to look around.

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Located in the Upper Midwestern region of the United States, North Dakota is a state of rolling plains, wide grasslands, green river valleys and sparkling lakes. At the same time, it is a state with expanding economic opportunities, particularly based on its massive natural resources. So if you are looking to strike it rich in your dating life, North Dakota can be a good place to look for wealthy singles.

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Located in the southwest part of the United States, New Mexico is a state with both indigenous traditions as well as forward looking economy. Apart from many professional and business opportunities, New Mexico also offers a wealth of cultural and historical treasures which makes this Land of Enchantment one of the foremost choices for romantic adventures.

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One of the wealthiest states of USA, New Jersey is as rich in economic opportunities as in natural beauties. Additionally the vibrant culture and plethora of recreational options in the state make it a favorite place to meet wealthy singles.

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Though the economy of South Carolina took a beating during the worst of the 2008 countryside recession, since the beginning of the present decade, the state has been recovering well. The Palmetto State has been attracting rising professionals and entrepreneurs from all over the country, no less because of its varied scenic beauty. Moreover the state has a rich heritage of art and culture – in all making for a great place to take your romantic life to a luxurious level. So if you are keen on meeting rich single men in South Carolina, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Owing its name to the great Mississippi River which flows along its western border, the state of Mississippi lies at the heart of American South. Apart from scenic riverscapes and lush plantation country, the Magnolia State is known for its variety of cultures – these ranges from the genteel Antebellum South to the Delta blues clubs. At the same time wealthy people flock here either to make the best of the state’s economic opportunities or to enjoy riverboat gambling. So if you are keen to meet and date wealthy singles, there is plenty you can do in Mississippi.


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