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The capital and the largest city of the US state of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia has long been historically important in the commercial and cultural development of the country from its earliest as a British colony. Today Philadelphia continues to retain much of this significance and makes for a great place to live and love, especially if you are looking for a wealthy guy to take care of your romantic as well as material needs.

Located on the Pacific shore, the city of San Francisco is one of the most important centers of commerce, entrepreneurship and culture on the western coast of United States. All  these factors make San Francisco a top draw for both long-time as well as budding millionaires in this part of the country and thus an ideal place to start if you are looking for a rich single to take care of your romantic as well as lifestyle needs.

The largest city in the Pacific Northwestern part of United States, Seattle is also the economic, social and cultural hub of the state of Washington. The city has one of the highest per capita incomes among the major American cities and in fact a 2006 study 1 By U.S Bureau of Economic Analysis ranked Seattle at the 17th place from 363 metropolitan areas in the country. If you are looking forward to date successful men, Seattle is one of the best places to try your luck.

Often referred to as the Second City in England, Birmingham is only second to London in terms of commercial importance and size of population. An erstwhile center of the Industrial Revolution, today Birmingham has the second-largest economy in the country. So, if you want to meet a single man who will take care of both emotional and material needs, Birmingham is one of the best cities in England to begin your search.

Billion dollar endorsement deals and multi-million dollar prizes are some of the ways that the most successful athletes from around the world line their nest egg. Here is a list of the ten of the richest male athletes in the world and who they have their money to share with.

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Living up to its title as the Promised Land, United States consistently figures as home of the largest number of billionaires in the world. According to Forbes, America is home to 403 billionaires who among them have a net worth of US$1.3 trillion. Here is a list of ten of the richest men in United States of America.

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The sixth-largest economy in the world, United Kingdom is home to several of its billionaires. In its most recent Rich List, the Sunday Times reports that the collective net worth of UK’s 1000 richest people has increased almost 30% over the last year, bringing it to a staggering total of 335.5 Sterling Pounds. Here is a list of the ten richest men of United Kingdom and a little extra about who they are.

Women in sports have never had it so good. Not only has the prize money increased in various sports but is often comparable to what their male counterparts are winning. However it is the endorsement deals with reputed brands that has proved the real money-spinner and made the most successful female athletes also some of the richest. Here is a brief introduction of ten of the richest female athletes in the world.


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