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South Africa has long been one of the most economically developed countries in the continent even though its material success was earlier tarnished by apartheid and inequality. In recent years, greater wider social and political empowerment has been reflected in rising entrepreneurs from all parts of the society.  Mining, luxury goods and retail are the main sectors which have thrown up some of South Africa’s top earners. Here are some of South Africa’s richest men and how much they are worth.

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So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.

Singapore has been one of Asian economy’s most incredible success stories – despite having limited geographical and natural resources, it is today a highly urbanized city state and among the most economically developed countries in the world. According to Forbes1, Singapore’s 40 Richest individuals boast of a collective net worth of $59.4 billion as of July 2012, up from last year’s $54.4 billion. The country has 16 billionaires and has one of the highest percentages of millionaire households in the world.

In societies with patriarchal foundations, women have always been encouraged to use their youth and beauty to find a husband with resources rather than use their intelligence and skills to command resources of their own. It is only now, and that too in developed societies, that women have both the opportunities and sanction to become successful themselves rather than merely latch onto successful partners. And yet many women still believe that in the end landing a rich husband pays off more slogging at a job yourself – and here are a few reasons why.$MM-DATING3-OPTIN$

Vast oil reserves in the Arabian Peninsula have ensured that some of the world’s biggest billionaires have always come from the country of Saudi Arabia. Apart from having access to petroleum deposits, these billionaires have also profited from access to ruling establishments in the country. However in recent times, oil is no longer the sole plank of their wealth and they have increasingly been profiting from private as well public investments in other countries. Here are some of the richest men in Saudi Arabia and what they are presently worth.

Among the innumerable reasons why women are keen to marry, money and love figure as the most common. While some may wish to take a fulfilling romance to the next logical step, others may be looking for a guy who would give them a life of comfort. And yet finding a rich husband is no easy task – it could take months of researching, meeting and dating for you to chance upon a guy who is single, rich and wishes to settle down with you. If in the meantime you find yourself coming across only unemployed men, here are some tips you can take note of.

Despite the controversy surrounding Russian billionaires in terms of law and corruption, the country is home to one of highest number of wealthiest people in the world. Russia is not only the third largest economy on the planet but also has a formidable presence among the world’s billionaires with a total of 95 billionaires in 20121.

While money may not be able to buy you love, few would contest its ability to garner the best opportunities for health, comfort, social regard and who knows happiness too. So if you are a woman and thinking of getting hitched to a man who can give you the kind of life you have always dreamed about, here are a few tips on how to attract a rich husband.

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Having recovered from near-complete destruction during the Second World War and survived the negative consequences of socialism, today Poland is a rising economy and considered one of the fastest growing in the European Union. Here is a list of individuals who have made some of that possible and thus count as the richest men in the country.

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Flipping burgers may not be the ideal start to attain celebrity status in life. And yet many famous people have been known to start their careers at McDonalds. With the giant fast-food chain now spread all over the globe and an iconic symbol of American pop culture, it is time to celebrate the alumni of the famous burger chain who went on to greater things in the world.

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